Friday, August 8, 2008

Holy Moly!

I am watching the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics and all I have to say is don't mess with China!

When you get a nation of millions of citizens to believe the Olympics is the moment to put your nation on the map, they will really put in every ounce of effort to make this come true.

Just amazing the amount of work they put into this.

Despite all the politics around this event, the event itself seems so far to be an amazing effort upon the Chinese side. I know China is not a perfect nation that has the best diplomacy but as a nation with very deep nationalistic culture and traditions they have not shed it and still hold it within modern society.

Living in Asia you can feel the modern next to the old tradition Asian sensibility. It is something hard to describe but that you can feel is present. I hope to express this better someday...


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