Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bundang and Sunset

After I recollected myself and figured better worry about future stuff later, I went out bought a toaster and then relaxed. I tried to do some painting but it seemed the focus didn't come out as much and my result was work unsatisfying. Yet just having a moment to relax and paint and listen to favorite NPR radio show This American Life, is a treasured time in life.

Well then what is a girl to do with her time after all? Blogging of course!

The weather here is changing into Fall, yet very slowly and very gradually. I can tell this because the sky is filled with more clouds and the air is moist and cool. Sometimes cool enough to put on a long sleeve shirt but still warm enough to wear sandals. Noticing that summer is going by-by makes me realize how fast time is slipping past. This is life and well, its the way it works.

So onto the picture show.

Friday I visited Cynthia (blogging pal) at her home in Bundang. This would mark my first trip out of Seoul because this is a city outside the Seoul area. However it is close enough to take the subway and arrive there unscathed by travel. In fact if I could figure out the bus system I could make there even quicker. Here is a subway map to illustrate the adventure: (click for a bigger picture). I must say it was a delightful treat to travel outside of Seoul and see a lovely section of South Korea. Bundang seems to have been developed and expanded in a way where on the skyline you see tall fanciful apartment buildings. What I liked most in the area I visited was how the apartment buildings seemed like little nests nestled next to each other with tree lined low-traffic streets in between. It was definitely a residential area with the commercial business closer to the main roads.

Cynthia took me to a water park where her two boys could play in shallow pools while we chatted about living in Korea and having Korean men close in our lives. The pool scenery was quite interesting too. Did you catch the naked baby???

Anyways, I found it attractively peculiar how they have nestled next to this truly metropolitan skyline a children's water park. The juxtaposition of wailing children and splashing water next to the site of these obviously expensive homes was quite a site. Something similar to sites seen in NYC. However, the naked baby trumps it all.

Reading about the Bundang area there are more places that would be interesting to see, for example:
Bundang is chiefly residential, so it is well off the tourist track. There are few ancient relics, sights or buildings of note. There are, however, two pleasant parks which have been established for residents' pleasure. Bundang Central Park, east of the road between Seohyeon and Sunae Stations, has a lake, fountain and several old houses, while Yuldong Park, to the east, has a larger reservoir and a bungee jumping platform, 45 m high.
Well, thank you Cynthia for showing me a lovely time!

Saturday was spent with BK lounging inside my home and then catching a bite for eat atop the Hyundai Department store in Cheonho. This is an are just two subway stops from my home and is right next to the EMart I frequent often.

It was such a beautifully romantic place to go and eat, mostly because you had a great view of the city and the Han river. Here are the pictures from our lovely time spent atop the Hyundai Department store.

At first we found a Chinese Restaurant to eat at, but the dish I wanted was sold out. So we moved out and found a Korean restaurant to eat instead.

At the Korean place BK ordered us a mushroom soup/stew dish. I love mushrooms and he knew that, so he did a good job finding a very healthy and delicious item.

And now the view:

Been there:
And now for the a sunset that was all too romantic! (Yes, I thought of you Mom watching the sun go down.)
And so continues the wonder and amazement of life abroad. Here comes one more week of the intensive schedule, but at least I have a toaster!


  1. Intensives have been killer. Thankfully my last one is tomorrow. How many are you teaching?

  2. It can be fun to study Chinese have you thought about it? The best way to learn a language is to get large amounts of audio and visual input, right?

  3. I have studied Chinese :)

    I teach 10 classes Wed and Thurs the rest is 9 classes....wahhh!

  4. "did you catch the naked baby?"

    usually I just let them play with their friends. Chasing naked babies doesn't go over very well.


  5. Yup - I saw the bare butt baby!

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  7. I would join expat women blog but I can't figure out the reciprocal link thing!!!!


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