Wednesday, August 13, 2008

National pride

Quick blog here from work. I would be teaching my one-to-one right now but the kid was so engrossed with watching Korea vs. USA at the Olympics, that mom let him stay home.

This made me realize that it would be great to mention how very dedicated people are here to their team. When I walk home from work I pass by places with television screens. One is in the subway station. Yesterday, there was a crowd there gathered staring at the Olympics going on. This wasn't just a leisurely crowd, these were businessmen and women in their suits coming home from work.

Everyone stood still in their tracks and stared off at the screens. I felt it was a scene out of some kind of movie. I for one never really saw such National pride in America as passionate as it is here. After I left the subway station I could continue to see this kind of devotion to the screen inside restaurants. Some of which weren't even seated just standing and staring.

I keep reminding myself to carry my camera and take a picture, so hopefully I will get a snapshot of this.

In general though it is kind of heartwarming to see such National pride in everyone. Usually in America there is sometimes this sentiment of spite towards our nation. Also I never really considered the Olympics such a time for pride. I always thought it was just this sporty thing where athletes compete. In fact I usually found it boring to watch. But now I feel a reason to watch, it is wonderful to hear the announcers go berserk after the Korean team wins.

Anyways, go Korea! (and USA)!


  1. YEAH........go USA!

    I think specific Americans get revved up about specific things. Take NFL football or 4th of July fireworks all around the country or Thanksgiving most everyone eats turkey..(Macy's NYC parade for instance).

    In my lifetime I've witnessed exceptional patriotism & coming together of citizenry a couple of times.
    - After JFK's assassination.
    - Opposition to the Viet Nam war.
    - "9/11" That patriotism was fractured in my opinion, by the mis-doings of the Bush administration waging war in Iraq, instead of going after Bin Lidan/Al Quada & the Taliban more forcefully in Afghanistan

    It seems that Americans tend to just "drop out" or become apathetic when their leadership sucks.

  2. Hi Mom,
    I know Americans can be patriotic too, but the degree at which it is shown here seems to be much higher. I guess it is hard to reiterate but people realllllly love their country's whether they love their government...well I dunno?


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