Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Ramen Girl

Although I do eat ramen (Korean instant ramen) nearly every night during the week for dinner, I don't know if it quite captures the spirit of this upcoming movie.

The star is a white girl
Brittany Murphy who plays a girl in Japan who followed her boyfriend there only to be dumped.

She ends up finding new life in becoming a Ramen chef, only of course to find out it takes more than just hot water and instant ramen noodles.

As an expat in an Asian country I will look forward to seeing this someday because I too at times feel a sense of trying to find how I fit in here.

I hope it isn't a flop.


  1. "I don't if it quite captures the spirit of this upcoming movie."

    Did you mean "I won't"?

    Is this movie for real? Or just a U-TUBE parody?

    I hope you're getting some protein & green veges w/those noodles every nite? Tofu?
    What's a Momma to do 1/2 way round the world?!

  2. yes mom it is real

    I add tofu and mushrooms to myramen it is delicious!

  3. It could go both ways. It's Brittany Murphy.

    No joke.

  4. Hey Joy...I fixed some "tastey tofu" for lunch & thought of you!

  5. I made tasty tofu last week and thought of you~ it was good too...hope to make it again


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