Saturday, August 30, 2008

Humboldt County

There are two cities out there in America called Eureka and Arcata and I spent about 3 years of my life there growing from an high school graduate to a college student. This was where I spent my time at a community college. It was also where I formed a relationship with someone that lasted 4.5 years.

It was also a place where I saw a lot of beauty in the landscape.

Humboldt County is in the northern (true northern) part of California. It is famous for its Redwood trees but also its pot growing. Let me just say that during my whole time there I never once smoked the ganja. That was taken care of in high school. However the culture and the people there accept this kind of pot life as normal.

Mom linked me to a new movie that is out called Humboldt County. It looks like an independent film about life's struggles and growing. But it is shot in Humboldt where there are beautiful seascapes and forest views.

Seeing the preview made my heart ache and realize how much I took the California landscape for granted.

Anyways I hope to download this next month and catch it for myself.


  1. I've just read through your blog for the past couple of hours. It seems as though you've had some crappy experiences with your workplace. Just so you know, they aren't all that bad. Some are worse, but there are a lot of folks who actually care about the people that work for them and end up treating the foreign teachers like members of the family. I've just celebrated my 7-year anniversary of life in Korea. There's been ups and downs, but obviously, the positives far outweigh the negatives for me. It seems your boyfriend's family has accepted you, and that helps a lot.

    It's also good to read of someone else 'from' Northern California (even if it was only a temporary stay, it will probably stay with you a long time). I'm from the central valley just over the coast range from Humboldt. My brother went to HSU, and moved to Spain for a few years, returned to open Six Rivers Brewery in McKinleyville--which has since been bought and sold twice.

    Humboldt County holds many fond memories for me. If you lived there just prior to moving to Korea, Seoul must be especially difficult. It's such a different world, both physically and culturally.

    As a side note, one of my co-workers also lived in Arcata and went to HSU for a few years. It feels like a small world sometimes.

  2. Hi Joe,
    I lived in Eureka back in 2003 so it has been several years. Living in Seoul is tiring because it is a city but I have been to many green pockets which helps.

    Glad to hear it from a seasoned expat. I know there are going to be ups and downs in this journey. For the most part I don't want to blame others and see what I can change within myself.


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