Sunday, August 24, 2008

Three, Two, One, Zero

Blogging here from the bedroom of BK. Today he had me fly on over to his neck of the woods for a roasted duck lunch with the family. It was very nice and I enjoyed seeing them again.

So anyways, just wanted to say I am feeling better and will return to work tomorrow at my usual schedule.

I really want to mention that although I have this battle going on at my school life here in Seoul, Korea is really not so bad. Sometimes I am still very pleased with what I see, smell and hear.

I am really somewhat saddened that things took this turn at my work and feel some regret that I am now considering changing jobs. You know you kind of grow fond of your first time memories. For example, my supervisors were the people who took care of me when I first arrived here so I will feel somewhat strange if I leave them. Yet in reality I really took care of myself and am doing the same thing now.

I just don't want to believe that I am a lousy teacher or bad worker. I just know that I walked into a teaching position with very little training on how to teach. You are given a few days to look and see how it is all done and then plunked into it. I think this goes for any teaching job here in Korea, well most of them. So I am saying that I chose this fate and should accept it right?

Ah well enough ramblin'

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  1. Do the bosses yell at you or do they just explain what you need to improve?

    I want to go to Korea after graduating. I do not like it when bosses think that they have the right to raise their voice to you. If this is something that I can expect, I will stay in the USA. Problems with co-workers can happen, but grown adults should not be yelled at like children.

    I hope things improve with your situation. Hang in there and remember that the reason you are at the school is to teach the children. If the kids are learning, your job will be safe.


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