Sunday, August 10, 2008

The National Art Museum

As you may or may not know I majored in Art History in college. The courses I focused on were mostly Asian Art History, one of which was a whole course on Korean Art History. So needless to say I am now somewhat of a nut for Art history, and that is why it was my goal to come here and visit an art museum. So during my vacation I managed to get out to the National Art Museum in Yongsan-gu.

I was very happy to visit the museum and BK took me there. The day was hot and humid out so going inside a museum was a good idea.

I made this little video to show my visit to the museum.

I was really surprised at the size of this place, because I really didn't expect it to be so big. Also its surroundings were around this lush green preserve, so it certainly was a spectacle. I think though that they use a good portion of the building for research.

Anyways, we didn't see everything because there was a lot to see and for some reason my joints were killing me.

But it certainly was refreshing to see Korean and other Asian artworks in their homeland. Although I would comment that the curators of the museum have issues with lighting effects. I know that most objects require dim light so to preserve the material. Yet, in general most of the works were so poorly lit it was hard to see them properly. I feel that at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, the lighting went better over there.

Ah well...I hope to get out to an modern art museum next time!


  1. THANX Joy....the museum structure itself is v. impressive!
    Please show us more......the Vietnamese pieces are v. interesting, in general we don't see much art from some Asian cultures other than in major US museums.

  2. Watch you English Joy Joy!
    Remember you're an "example", little lives are DEPENDING on you!

  3. thank u~ I will try to not be so sloppy with my English~

  4. The real architectural pity of the place is that they very carefully placed the covered plaza in the middle of the two exhibit halls to frame a view of Namsan . . . a view that was promptly obliterated by a new driving range.
    I especially hope you enjoyed the Vietnamese exhibit . . . I helped with the translation on some of the boards^^ I also did some work on the Sinan Seabed wreck, but I think that the pieces I translated were rotated out of the exhibit . . .

  5. Wow! I'm an Art History major too. But I'm focused on 19th & 20th century art. I love art and I'm excited to see some asian art in ASIA!! OMG. I was so jealous of my brother when he caught the Smithsonian's Chinese and Islamic exhibit when he was picked to go to the Holocaust Museum. I was devastated.


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