Friday, August 15, 2008

Fresh Air

Today is a Korean holiday called their Independence Day, a day in history when South Korea celebrates it freedom from Japanese rule. But for a working citizen this also means a day off, something which is highly welcomed.

So I get to relax and get back into enjoying the small pleasures of life. BK is out with his pals at a creek, so I am left to my own devices. Later today I am going to meet Cynthia and have a go in a wading pool near her home, I look forward to a relaxing moment or too!
Well, what can I say about my life here so far in the great land of Asia?
I have to say despite being tired, angry and frustrated at times it is still a great place to be and live. Lately I have managed to somehow get use to the antics at work and not stress myself out silly about the little things. This leaves room for feeling refreshed instead of worn out, despite I am still going through the intensive period.

But all in all I still wake up and walk out of my house to see I am in a foreign land. To some this may seem discombobulating, which it is, but to me I find it quite a great pleasure. Everyday can be its own little adventure, even in the smallest of ways.

As I explore more and more the areas of Seoul I am beginning to see that there are some nice corners to live in here. I begin to think that if I decide to extend my life here it would be great to be able to choose the area of Seoul to live that I find most hospitable.

Yet, one step at a time and there is still plenty of places to get around to.

For now let me show you some pictures of last weekend's trip to the Ewha Women's University area where I got a haircut and found some awesome new shoes.

View of one of the Entrances to the University

A pretty building
And without further ado: the results of my haircut

The hairdresser did some fancy styling with my hair. In general it wasn't much of a dramatic change more like a trim and fresh cut.
If you are in Seoul and have hair like mine you may be interested in visiting this salon called Eunha BNC. It wasn't too expensive as far as foreigner money goes. ;)

Anyways, after my haircut we got some lunch then I was on the hunt for some new shoes. This led us around the area to one place with a water fountain and sculpture area, where children enjoyed themselves.

There was a Manga (comic) shop with loads of manga in stacks sitting out front:

And well I found a wonderful pair of shoes! I should have you know that most of the kind of women shoes you find here have heels, and I believe that most Korean women don't feel pain in their feet. I have never grown accustomed to wearing heels, and I really wanted a great walking and working shoe that would be comfortable but also pretty. I found these little gems and was oh so delighted.
They are from the brand El Naturalista and were the most expensive shoes I have ever bought. They now are the most coveted shoes in my collection and the only downside is I don't want to see them get all mucked up so I am cautious about wearing them.

So as you can see I have been enjoying myself with the time I get to myself here. I really loved the Ewha area, mostly because it had this youthful vibe with that chilled University area setting. Hopefully I can get back to that area and see the art museum at the university.

Well, its another hot day here. Maybe on my way to Cynthia's I will see some kind of traditional ceremony in regards to today's holiday.


  1. LOVE your hair Joy & SUPER shoes!
    Maybe you can find some knock offs to wear everyday!
    Or........go ahead & get another pair when they're on sale somewhere?!
    Now Mom says: keep up w/your hair...get it trimmed once a month or so! OK!

    How bout keeping a map on the blog to show us the new areas you explore.....highlited!

  2. Thanks mom~!

    And I am trying to find a suitable map to post my outings.

  3. your hair is really cute. very fresh and youthful. i've been trying to decide what to do about hair. it keeps raining so i use it as an excuse not to do anything, lol.


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