Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Soothing rain showers

Awe, yea relax.... the rainy season allows one to slow down and remember to enjoy your moments in life. This is something I need because lately I have been drowning myself in preparing my lessons. Working hard is one thing but trying to get ahead to the point your at the office from 9am to 7:30pm, and only getting paid for 6 of those well nuts really.

But I take pride in my planning because I know that when the intensive period comes up at the end of the month (and in August) I will be able to tackle it with less stress. Everyday when I go to work at 10am I remind myself that for four weeks I will have to get there by 9am, that isn't a great feeling. But at my last job I had to be there before 8:30 am, and make it by a 45 min ride on the subway, so there is a contrast.

Anyways, back to the relaxing
rain. Seeing it come pouring down outside reminds me of my Florida times when it would pour and pour then stop for a little bit then pour down again. Let me help you understand some history here.
(Me in Florida at age about 12-13)
I lived in Florida for 15 years when then I moved to California to live with my father. Since then I have visited Florida only about 2-4 times. There are certain aspects of Florida that I miss:
  • Tropical fruit
  • Thunder, lightning and pouring rain
  • Swimming pools
  • Atlantic Ocean (warm)
  • Family
So I find it somewhat humbling to travel across the world and be reminded of my childhood upbringings. I guess it is cliche to say but it is like going full circle, only exception is this is another country and it has mountains, Florida is as flat as pancakes. Anyways I will be going to work here in an hour or so, but I made it a point to just relax this morning and not think about work, instead try to focus on myself and my life.


  1. awe, so cute little Joy. hehe

    I miss you.

    It`s rainny today.
    Now it`s rainny seoson in Korea.
    But compare to last year,not much rain here. Last year was "pour" This year just not sunny.

    I don't like rain.(Rain-singer,neither)hehe.

    I love you~

  2. Hey Joy.....My laptop screen died....v. sad for me.
    Don't think I want to invest in getting it fixed as I need a new laptop anyway. Big step plunking down $$$$ for the MacBook Pro when I have rather limited income right now...but it will need to happen b4 the end of this month. I need to take a laptop w/me to a NSU EdD conference in Orlando end of this month.
    So I've been getting accustomed to using this desktop from Puja, actually Matthew's. Have to xfer my "favs" over to this puter...hence haven't been loggin in here & then there's FACEBK to keep up w/also now.
    No time for much...what w/teaching 6 wk intensive at FGCU & working on my 2 EdD courses.
    In between I enjoy swimming & that FL summertime rain, when it feels good to be in my messy apt.!
    Well it's almost 6a. & I need to get some zzzzzzzzzzz's. Had a nap earlier tonite, but need to hit the sack.
    Glad you're doing well over there...just be "real" w/answering your new Korean friend's questions.
    I think they're asking you 'cause they really want to know more about life in the USA! Especially since BK was there......
    Hey it's the 4th of July on Friday...!
    Well Ciao for now.
    BIG HUGZzzz & KIZZzzz

  3. Very sad for me was meant to be:

  4. Hi,

    Mom sorry your labtop screen died...but the new labtop will be welcomed...change:)

    Awe so busy, me too.Just try to do what you can. Facebook can be maintained weekly and not everyday.

    I am going to miss a nice 4th of July bbq...but maybe I will eat a hotdog in honor of it.

    Love you and hope you get to enjoy the summer at the beach.


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