Saturday, July 26, 2008

Coex = Totoro love

Last weekend BK and I traveled over to Coex. I believe since it was raining a lot of people had the same idea to go to Coex, because it is an indoor mall that offers shopping, fun and food. Anyways, I made a little video of the adventure for all of you to enjoy.

You may want to know but the song I chose for the video is really popular here, especially amongst the youngins'. I know because I hear it being sung at school.

The mall is an extensive maze of shops and restaurants. There is a movie theatre inside too and probably other places of interest.

Actually while BK and I were making our way out we passed by what appeared to be some kind of celebrity appearance. Because suddenly a large crowd of teenagers came rushing pass us screaming in glee. It reminded me of when I was much younger and went to a mall in Florida to see one of the popular guys in Beverly Hills 90210. He didn't show up but there sure as heck was a crowd.

I would like to return to COEX for shoe shopping or just general Totoro shopping. ;-)


  1. =) i hope it gets easier for you... ((HUGS)) call me sometime if you want to talk! cynthia


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