Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dinner for one

Tonight I decided to put a blog featuring what my dinner looks like. Because I come home before 8 pm there isn't much time to throw something big together. So it has to be quick but somewhat decent and healthy.

Recently, though I have gathered enough materials to make some pasta with sauce and cheese. :)

Let's see what I got: Here (in this really bad picture) I have my pasta noodles, closest thing to a cheese grader, and cheese! The cheese cost about $5 due to it being on sale.

Cooking the noodles is easy and allows you to walk away and check your blog.

The results: YUmmm! Or at least I think it looks yummy, it certainly tastes yummy. Sorry for the blurry picture.

Anyways sorry if it seems I am obsessed with finding and cooking food that is familiar to me. I think that this may be natural for an expat. I recall foreigners in America sticking to their homely diets, although they were in the land of inexpensive cheese and milk. But I think what is most interesting is that there is ought to be an fusion of homely and the unfamiliar when it comes to eating here. I try to taste something new and see if I like it.

All right well thanks for reading!


  1. That does indeed look extremely tasty. I don't know how long I will be in my hotel so I hesitate to buy food to cook although I do have dishes and cookware

  2. Is tofu available there?
    Can you eat tofu?
    Protein....ya know!

    Where are the veges?
    How about a nice little salad on the side....you could grow your own alfalfa sprouts in a jar..... have you ever done that or seen it done?.....& probably some type of greens on your window ledge!
    Yeah....just Mom here!

  3. haha

    Thanks mom,
    knew you would chime in with a vegie response.

    I try to incorporate stuff more and more. But my frig is already at max! Tofu is greatly available here, I just haven't bought it yet. hehe

    workin' on it~

  4. Make yourself some of Mom's "tastey tofu" for which you need an onion, green and/or red peppers, zucchini, tofu, garlic, herbamare !, actually I've been using Trocamare for yrs, it's a bit more zesty, some oil for the pan (i like olive oil), basil, tamari & tumeric (makes it tastey & yellow)! Good w/brown rice or ww pita pockets. Jave u seen pita pocket bread there?

  5. easy to find: onion, green and/or red peppers, zucchini, tofu, garlic

    Spices and pita pockets, hit up Costco.

    that dinner does look delicious. i wish i had time to cook more. i have a nice kitchen, big fridge full of food that my housekeeper makes for us!

  6. ooops forgot one ingredient!
    Just a tiny weeny pinch of cayenne pepper, gives it the "kick"!
    Remember just a v. tiny pinch.


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