Sunday, July 6, 2008

Date in Insadong: Part 2 (explore)

When we stepped outside the movie theater it was pouring down rain, thankfully I had brought my umbrella. We then traversed our way over the Insadong corridor, slowing our pace to window shop and enjoy the street. Along this street there are many shops that sell tourist tokens, like jeweled boxes and mirrors along with fans and pottery. The set up is like any tourist part of a city, because practically every shop sells the same knick-knacks.

But nestled between these shops are some stores that offer up other treats, for example I found one that sells art supplies. We walked inside and their quantity and quality of supplies were pretty good. I found that they had watercolor paints and brushes so I already made a mental note to come back some day.

Moving on from the art store we went down the street, but with the rain pouring down it made shopping at the street stalls somewhat cumbersome. So it seems BK just led me down the street to where we would be eating our lovely date-dinner.

The restaurant he took me to was down a corridor off the street. Already from seeing the way it was decorated I was put in a romantic mood. This feeling was further captured by the restaurants decorations, which were tasteful and set the mood for an Italian dinner.The name was An Da Mi...something like that.BK did a good job taking his girl to a lovely restaurant in Seoul. The food on the menu all sounded truly delicious, but you could only pick out one dish, so I tried a spaghetti dish that had vegetables in it. The taste was great and there were some surprising veggies inside like a roasted potato wedge and some beans. All in all I am pleased with the meal BK took me to and the overall date. After the meal we left the restaurant and headed back onto the street in search of a Teahouse.

But those details will have to be revealed in Part 3!

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