Sunday, July 6, 2008

Date in Insadong: Part 1 (movies)

My sweety pie BK took me on a date to Insadong. The day was rainy and mildly hot but we had a good time anyways. I was looking forward to doing something besides working and planning so this was a very nice treat.

Insadong is an area in Seoul near Jongno-3 station. If you recall I had been here during my first week but only had a small amount of time to explore. This time I was able to walk aimlessly with BK down the street and window shop at the street stalls.

But before we headed over to the Insadong street we first watched the movie Hancock. I was excited because this was my first time to see a movie in Korea, and it was an American movie. So I was able to get a taste of home. Hancock Movie Review:
I have to say out front that I am a fan of Will Smith. After seeing his performance in The Pursuit of Happyness I found him to be an endearing actor with a conscious. So I like seeing him the screen.

Hancock isn't one of those movies that will turn your world around, but does give you a fun ride. The story takes some twists and turns but none all too surprising.

I do think the writers and producers could have expanded on the story behind his superpowers more, because that was really interesting.

Anyways, if you have the time go and have some fun and watch this movie.

Korean Movie Theater experience review:
Watching the movie in Korea at the cinemaplex wasn't all that different from back home. A note of difference were that during the previews they did not dim the lights.

What was intriguing was that during the movie I found myself to be the only laughing at certain parts. I think this was because I got some of the jokes before others did. I am sure if I watched a Korean movie the rest of the theater would be laughing at times, and not me.

Otherwise there was popcorn and nice cushy seats, so not much different.

It was fun and refreshing to be taken to the movies. In the next part I will reveal our fun times in Insadong.

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