Monday, July 14, 2008

What kind of Expat Am I?

I wonder if I am the expat who complains a lot about Korea and misjudges everything or am I the expat that is too obsessed with Korea?
Everything in Korea that appears odd to expats has its own logic, and once explained (as the Korean tries to do in this blog,) they are completely understandable and not very odd after all. But because expats never talk to the people responsible for creating such logic, (it is, after all, people in their 40s through 60s who run the country,) the oddities continue to remain incomprehensible. And instead of coming to an understanding, expats go on with their complaining.
Very good point~! When I do he or read from another expat a complaint about Koreans, I always wondered if they considered where their issue stems from and why they are confused.

But Roboseyo and Ask An Korean are attempting to pinpoint why exactly foreigners in Korea tend to complain about Korea.

I would take the time to scroll through my blogs and see for myself if I am a complainer, but I am not going to do that. Instead I will just conclude that I feel I don't complain as much as I could be, considering instinctively I do find things to complain about.

Instead it has always been my goal on my blog to write about my experience living in South Korea, while at the same time respecting the differences around me. Also I have strived to digest what it is I reject in Korea and why, so that my opinions come out thoughtful.

However, I know that there are complainers on the internet and unfortunately they take up a lot of space. I hope I don't become one of them.


  1. It is definitely awesome to know you are close. Once I figure out how to work this whole subway thing then I will venture out farther. We should definitely meet up someday in the near future. Stay cool

  2. You're the kind of expat who's too new to know what kind of an expat you are. :D

    (I do mean that in a kind way, I promise.)

  3. Amanda, I bet your right.
    I just hope I am always the forgiving expat who doesn't take Korea stuff personally.


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