Sunday, July 6, 2008

Date in Insadong: Part 3 (tea)

Insadong is a cute place and I think if you try to go beyond just the streets you can find cute little places. We were pleased to see that the rains had stopped while we were eating and so now could enjoy walking down the streets.

While BK was on the search for the Teahouse he heard about, we came upon a part of Insadong that was set off from the street. It was a shopping area, that had several floors to it. Basically you start out the bottom, climb up some stairs then circumambulate the area. In the center is an open area. Some of the vendors of this place were local artists selling jewelry, hats and other little knick knacks they have made. I saw a lot of cute things, that I know I will be thinking about purchasing after my salary comes in.

What I really loved about this place was that on the stairwell there were graffiti scribblings, I didn't manage to get a pic but enjoyed it nonetheless.

This is a picture of a plant sale going on.
Also there was a shop that featured Korea's version of Hello Kitty.
I forgot the name, but isn't it cute! Well I didn't do much shopping and felt a little guilty of this when we left, but I figured I can come back again anyways.

Next we were off to the teahouse. Following BK's lead he went up a flight of stairs in a building and opened a door to a large room that had wooden tables and chairs, along with calligraphy paintings on the wall. The place was empty except for the host and so I immediately felt a sense of relaxation come on due to that it was a space away from all the people on the street. (smart move BK!)

We sat at a table where you take off your shoes and sit cross legged. Bo Kwan ordered the tea, a cool red tea for himself and a hot flowery tea for me.

I really felt at peace in this place, mostly because it was quiet and simply decorated. I think if anyone was going to treat another person to something special I would highly recommend going to a teahouse.

I think all the relaxation at the tea house made the activities of the day catch up with me because I became tired, so we headed home.

It was a lovely little trip and I hope to go back and do some shopping. Maybe pick up some souvenirs for everyone back home.

Well another work week ahead of me, I think I am getting the hang of things. :)


  1. THANK YOU for sharing your "date" w/us!
    I love the pics of everything & your commentary....
    How often are you able to see BK now w/your schedule? What is he doing now that he's back home?

    Was HANCOCK in English w/Korean subtitles? Is it really worth seeing in the theater or another one to wait for w/Netflix?

    What w/Facebook & this blog, etc....where do you really want to do most of your communication (w/me)?
    I'm having a hard time keeping up w/it all, along w/my study, etc...?


  2. Mom,
    How about you stick to my blog since I update it more throughly.

    Hancock was in English with korean subtitles and I would wait for the DVD.

    BK is going to summer courses for English lessons. He has time for me.


  3. your "blog" are you referring to this blog?

    At the PO today checked out the stipulations for mailing a package to Korea. We cannot mail salt there?!

    Watching the "Bachlerette" final episode......gotta go now!
    Love this kind of stupid TV show!
    V. relaxing!


  4. Mom,
    yes I mean this blog :)

    Ooo package!! hmmm I think I can find salt here :)

    Allright hope you are having fun!



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