Monday, July 7, 2008

Just say No

If you happen to be catching summer tv in America there is this new Reality Game Show called:
I Survived a Japanese Game Show.


The premise being that you take a handful of Americans plant them in Tokyo, Japan and make them play crazy games on a game show.

Oh yea while at the same time emphasize the craziness and wackiness of Japan and its people with disregard to the reality of Japan.

I think though you could watch it for some value. For instance it appears that for the first few episodes everyone is excited and happy to be there, then things go downhill from there.

That is just like any foreigners experience in a foreign land so it can give you a visual example of what happens to go to another country.

Anyways I may watch this to see the poor Americans crumble under the pressure to win money. But it isn't a priority of mine to watch.


  1. Hi. I've been reading your blog for a while now. I just wanna thank you for posting the resources you did cus I've been losing sleep on all the things I need for my impending year teaching in Daejeon come August. Could I ask you questions in the future? I'd be forever in your debt.

  2. Gracer!

    You can ask me anything you want! I worked really hard to prepare to come and there were of course some things I weren't prepared for.

    So whatever ya need to know I will help you out! :)

    My advice right now is to bring certain American brand beauty products you love, because it takes an arm and a leg to find them out here. :) I need some nice curling hair gel...oh well..

    anyways good luck!

  3. Listen. If you want me to buy you the hair gel you want and if I have room in luggage, let me know. If not I have prepared a package of things that my brother is going to ship out to me a week after I tell him to.

    Other than that, I'm glad that you're nice enough to help out. My first question is: Do you think that I should get a check up before I get there and they give me medical exam? I already went to the dentist and they are bleeding my insurance dry with things.

  4. AWe, its okay I think I am going to get one of my family members to send me a package full of goodies so its cool.

    About your question:

    After you arrive here it is mandatory to see a Doctor and have certain tests done, like a blood test, eye test, chest xray and pee test. It is very easy and quick.

    Also after a month or so here you will be on the National Insurance program, which allows you to visit Doctors here and not pay so much.

    I would consider some vaccinations like Heppatitus A or a Tetnus shot if it has been a while. Just to be prepared.

    If you take any kind of prescription drug I would stock up on them for a few months so that the time before you get the National Health Insurance you don't worry about not having it.

    As for just getting a general check up by a Doc, you can do so but my school did not require this before I left.

    hmmm hope that answers yer questions~!


  5. Shots: check. Prescription drugs: check.

    Okay. just thought to ask. And I totally relate to you worrying about your success in planning and teaching. I worry so much myself.

  6. thanks Gracer!

    I am doing better now...get to rest.
    Hope my dilemma doesn't scare you. Like any job there are ups and downs and days you just want to run and scream. Unless your job is sit in a studio and paint...hmm that would be nice.


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