Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Outdoor Sauna for free!

Yes you too can enjoy the luxuries of a sauna. The steamy air and the clingy moisture ... can all be yours for the price of ....


That is right, just step outside and enjoy the hot steamy pleansantries of a sauna.

Act now and we will even throw in our free Sweating to the 80's soundtrack!!!

(It is hot here, steamy hot!)

Anyways, been finishing up planning for August so that I can have a worry free time. We have an all teachers meeting tomorrow, so that will be interesting. I hope they discuss the intensive week and what will happen in September (perhaps class changes ?)

Other than that have some usual items to take care of now that I got paid.

  • Visit a GI doctor
  • Buy new clothing


  1. An outdoor free sauna...mmm, sounds great. I can't wait, lol

  2. hahah! the rains help it cool down though :)

  3. HEY Joy....You've been away from South Florida for too long!
    It's like that from May thru October here....& now in July thru Aug. the rain does v. little to cool anything down other than forcing you to go inside to the welcome A/C!
    I imagine the subway trains are A/C'd in Seoul....?? What about the stations/platforms. Do you remember how hot it was down in the NYC subway stations when you were there? Despite Puja's ordeal & my stress around it, that was a fun time in the city for me. Especially watching the tourist buses & taxis below our window w/Matthew!

    Oh....the humidity is v. good for our skin. Keeps us moisturized! Much, much better than the 108 temp & 10% humidity we lived thru in Sac & GV that's fanning the flames there now!

  4. Hi Mom!

    YEa yea ok yer right. hehehe It is better than snow though, hehe..but that happens here too.

    ANyways yes the subway is cooled down and everything smells pretty and looks clean. So big difference, thankfully! :)

    That trip in NY is very memorable to me too! Hope to do it again sometime.


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