Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Right Medicine

This weekend was by far my most interesting and also the most homey. ;)

Last week I was starting to feel the homesick blues along with not seeing nature blues. So my feeling inside about my life here was beginning to turn sour.

Yet just as the typhoon is sweeping through the country so came another surprise.
Can you guess where I took this picture from?
I will give you a hint, it is from a bedroom...

Hmm, maybe you guessed it by now. It is BK's house! Today we met up at my home and talked about what to do. Then kind of forget about what to do and relaxed. But the next thing I know BK asks me if I want to go to his house? I was nervous, but I said yes because I thought it a great idea.

His idea was that it would be ideal because his parents were not home. But when we arrived there an neighbor was outside and saw us so our cover was blown. Anyways, he contacted his mom and told her I was there and we should meet. So yes I met his parents!

But first lets just take a look around his neighborhood and home.

Here is the street which leads to his home.
Now we turn into a little alleyway. At the end of this block is his home nestled in between all the rest. I actually realize that I don't have many pictures of the interior of his home. But BK and his family keep a wonderful garden on their rooftop, and I just happen to have taken some pictures. I think it is a very proud rooftop garden! You can find corn, flowers, tomatoes and chile peppers.

There was a mirror on the roof so it made a great photo op.
Also this is the view from the rooftop, he lives near a forest, but sadly these trees may get cut down and an apartment building will go up instead.
I have more pictures of the house and home but I need to go to bed. So I will just comment on meeting his parents. I will have to say that it was very pleasant and congenial. We met briefly at the house then went out for Shabu Shabu dinner. Which is where you cook some meat and vegetables on the table before. VERY HEALTHY!!!!!!!!! I think my body has a ga-zillion vitamins now! hehee

Anyways it was very formal and I didn't break too many Korean rules. I would love to talk more about it but I need to get my rest before the intensive period starts tomorrow morning.

I feel refreshed and loved! The best medicine before facing 10hr work days.

Thank you so much BK!


  1. Thanx for the photos & narrative about your visit to BK's & meeting Mr. & Mrs. ______________?
    What is their last name (BK's last name) Kwan?
    Through your interpreter, you can tell his parents that your Mom often does container vege gardening also here in S.W. Florida!

    I haven't been feeling well for a few days; feverish, clammy, tight chest,head achey...unable to sleep well, something supposedly going around. YUK....don't have time for this nonsense...lots of grading & preparing for NSU Orlando conference.

    Brought Charlie home for the 1st time...instead of leaving him home alone for hrs on end. (Charlie is Puja's Maltese pooch.) Puja is over in Broward this wkend..on Deerfield Bch right now actually..hmph...I'm jealous!
    Will send foto of Charlie later..............
    He's doing v. well at GrandMa's but I can tell he smells the boys here, but looks like he wants to go home!

    TAKE IT EASY w/the LONG TEACHING DAY! Pace yourself....w/snacks & good beverages.

  2. I'm back.............
    Here's an interesting site re: places to go in S. Korea.....

    It's been interesting reading for me.
    Sounds like you need a little road trip!


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