Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Working Adult Life

Besides my first year in Korea, when I worked at the hagwon, I have never worked so much until now at this job. Because of this I have been busy after work taking care of plans and preparing materials, and my weekends have been spent with work as well. On top of this, ever since I moved in to my new place I have been running around on the weekends picking up stuff for the house and taking care of visa tasks.

I just want one weekend where I explore and do something other than house or work related. However, as much as I whine about how this job is keeping me busy it doesn't compare to JH's work week. The poor guy usually works till 7:30pm or on some days has to drive around Korea. It amazes me that even after a day of hard work he still calls me in a good mood.

But because of his hard week he is often very tired on the weekend, and you can usually find him in the position as seen in the picture above. It's been a little issue in our relationship of how our time is spent on the weekend together. I want to get out and explore but he mostly wants to stay home and rest. We have come to a compromise that not every weekend we will do something active and that we don't have to do everything together.

Tomorrow is Friday and I have to leave work early to get to KEB bank to open an account. Although I still do not have my new Alien card yet, I can use my passport to do this. As I was getting permission for this today I was told I could go there by taxi and then "come back." But of course I don't want to have to come back. I was told we get to leave work early for these kinds of matters just once a month, but it doesn't really say you should "come back." We'll see!

Tom needs my love! Bye


  1. I'm having a crazy semester as well. My total class count is now at 30 and I have very little time to plan at school.

    Make sure to make time for yourself! Its important to leave work at work. However I may also have to start bringing my work home:(

    The year of the rabbit is definitely starting out busy

  2. That kitty w/JH looks like Hercules!
    Sounds like you have a "real" teaching job now. My last HS teaching job at the Alternative HS, I was at the school til 9 or 10p most nites. The principal actually gave me the building alarm code to "lock up" when I left.
    My Instructional Technologist job at the Middle School I was only paid for 19 hrs per wk, but the principal & my supervisor gave me 40 hr wk responsibilities!
    That's the way it goes....although next year when you have all your materials & lesson plans made & in order, things won't be as demanding!
    Hang in there!

  3. OMG! Identical to my relationship with Sung Hyun! wow

  4. I'm already imagining what after-marriage life will be like. But then maybe eventually I will enjoy having my personal time. haha

  5. Yep I am trying to get my lesson plans done ahead of time so I can be on track and not have to do it on the weekend. That cat is Tom's brother Tiger, who is quite the biter.


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