Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Day Tomorrow

Today we finished the level tests and it was again another whirlwind. It was speaking test day and my part was to watch the kids in their classroom while they waited their turn. The morning class did well with the activities I haphazardly put together, but the afternoon class was a complete disaster. Because of this I learned their English skills are pretty high. I don't want to complain about the homeroom teachers, but I would have appreciated more help from the afternoon one. However, if I don't do my part to communicate this than I have my fault areas as well.

Tomorrow starts our first day of full classes, which will be a total of six. Somehow, I managed to organize myself to have a plan in place for the next 3 days of classes. I was going to just use the time for self-introduction, class rules and get-to-know me games but I cut that stuff short to start the book.

Right now I have very little manipulative materials. Such as counting blocks, shape blocks and just anything the kids can put their hands on. I will have to improvise and likely go to the store till our shipment of supplies come in. One thing about working for an elementary school is that they order all the supplies for the first semester at the beginning, so if you need stuff later it's too late. Of course, though we are looking through our books to figure this out.

It's one of those weeks where no matter how much sleep you get it doesn't really count because your brain is fried from the stress.

Anyways...keeping my chin up and hopeful that things will settle down.


  1. I'm feeling much the same:) I wish I could start the book though, I'm stuck doing intros all week long.

  2. hi there,

    this might seem really strange, but i just got offered a job teaching english in junggye-dong and (from what i can tell) i think you live in/near there. if it's not too much of a hassle, do you mind telling me a little more about the area? i'm a little hesitant to take the position, but only because i've read that nowon is the most populated part of seoul. i'm hoping it doesn't mean it's one of the more expensive areas as well.

    i'd really appreciate any help you could give me!



    p.s. i found your blog by googling "junggye-dong blogspot" in case you were wondering.

  3. I am kind of new to the area but been in Korea long enough to know a good area from a bad one. Yes it is highly populated but consider the fact that most people are out in a different part of Seoul working or doing something. For Seoul I think this place is pretty nice actually. There are a lot of parks and the tall apartment buildings give it a family feel. There are great stores here and the prices are actually pretty fair. If you just shop at the Lotte Department store than yea you will spend a lot.

    But it's Korea and there is cheap food and stuff always around the corner.

    An area like Bundang is full of rich people and pricey places to eat. But here is very decent.

    I would move here as it has been good to me so far.

  4. Biz & Steve...no books yet for the kiddos...need to get something in these kids hands

  5. Make ART as I suggested in my last msg here or on fb(?)....bean bag project!!!!

  6. I observed a successful elementary teacher, who allowed the kids to toss them around to each other for a few minutes of fun before they had to settle down for the lesson! It seemed to work really well.
    You could make it a counting in English exercise (counting up by fives, or down by two's, etc...) or something like that & have fun making them w/the kids too for a few minutes on a few days or on "Fun Fridays" etc....
    Let me know how that turns out if you decide to do it!


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