Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seeing My Art on Display

Yesterday I went to the UPlus gallery / cafe at the LG UPlus building near Seoul Station. I made my out of exit 11 and found myself up against a late winter wind.

As you might recall I posted about this earlier in the month and was excited to get out there. I found my way with some helpful tips from Chris in South Korea.

As I entered the cafe I saw on the left digital monitors with the Artpoli's group works transitioning back and forth.

The barrista behind the counter greeted me and when I gestured that I was the artist on the wall she became very excited. She quickly went back behind the counter told her coworkers and then took out her cell phone. Next thing I knew she was taking a picture of me and then a "couple" shot together. Goodness! I didn't know I was famous. Haha... I think though since the employees of the cafe are the ones who most often see the works on the wall they probably have spent more quality time looking at them. Or maybe she was a fan of Artpoli? Anyways I enjoyed the 5-second feeling of fame I received.

I managed to get her to take a picture of me...

I thought it was a great little space in the cafe and the use of technology to display the artworks was definitely innovative. JH arrived a little later and saw the works too then we were off to dinner.

I suggested galbi, since I felt there was some celebration that needed to get done. He drove around the Namsan tower on his way closer to Nowon.

Last night's dinner was certainly very delicious and satisfying, mostly I think because it was my first meal of galbi since coming back to Korea.

It truly felt great to know that I finally had my artworks shown here in Korea. I hope this means that this year is going to be one that continues on this artistic path and finds myself more involved with the creative side of Korea.


  1. This was great Joy....I know you'll exhibit more & enJoy making art again!Your work has found a home in Seoul!

  2. Love your art--also the photo you have as the banner!


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