Monday, March 21, 2011

I Got Out!

It's not that thrilling, but last Saturday I did manage to put down my work and head to Gangnam station. I met up with the good people of Artpoli to discuss how I can be involved more. So far they have been mostly use to Korean members and are trying to bring in non-Korean artists. It was awesome to talk about art and how I can help the group out. Already you can see I am posting information about their contests.

(Note: If you get to their site and it says "not available" it's because they're doing maintenance.")

Along the way, I managed to get in a few snapshots of the Gangnam subway station, which seems to be under a huge renovation.

While I tried to get out of the station and find my way to exit 8 I found myself meandering through a maze.

Above ground I later took these photos while I waited for JH to pick me up.

For dinner we stopped at a Japanese restaurant in my neighborhood.

 Twigum: (fried appetizers)
 Rice and Donkatsu:
Hopefully this is just the beginning of what will be my usual weekend-adventures.

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  1. Great to hear you got out & arty!
    I'd be really careful about eating any food product from Japan now... OK!
    <3 u!


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