Friday, March 4, 2011

Sneaky Friday

Eight hours of work blows by pretty fast when the amount of stuff you need to do surpasses the time you have to do it in. Not to mention most of your time being eaten up by meetings and figuring stuff out. So when the end of Friday came today at work it felt like a mirage...I just couldn't believe it.

Between Wednesday and today I managed to decorate my classroom, look at the book and figure out a teaching strategy and learn that getting my health check is complicated. Speaking of the health check, which is a requirement to get my new ARC card, it can't be done at my local hospitals. Well, actually it can be done at one but the hours they do it are in the morning and guess what...I work at that time. There are only 4 teachers that need to get it done at the school and some of them went yesterday to the local hospital only to find out they don't do the health check anymore. To cut this story short, some of those teachers are going to show up early at the other local hospital Monday to hopefully be done in time for their first classes and others might try a bigger hospital in the afternoon.

As for me, I am going the route of trying to get it done on a Saturday. After much digging around the various international health clinics around Seoul I decided to go to Yonsei. For one they are the regular hospital I visit to get my GI check up done, so I am familiar with it. I called them about getting the health check done on Saturday (tomorrow) and they said they can't make appointments, but you can show up and wait. So guess what I'm doing bright and early tomorrow?

If that fails I will join the other teachers early at the local hospital to hopefully get it done that way. Otherwise, I will keep looking for a Saturday one that works. The stressful thing about this is that my school requires us to have KEB bank accounts in order to get paid, but I don't have one. In order to get one you need your ARC card. Payday is the 25th and so I am hoping to have all this done before then so I can get my money.

The classroom is decorated, but of course not really to what I would want to look like. However, I got the board organized with labels for "Today's Date" and "How's the weather?", along with a section for team points. There is still a lot to do, but mostly I just wanted things to be generally ready for the first week of classes.

Next week will be interesting, as Monday and Tuesday are level testing days and then the real fun begins Wednesday.

It's been a whirlwind and I have never worked this hard before at a job in Korea. Despite this I do like the fact that I am in charge of so much and am challenged by it all.

Hopefully next week I will take pictures of the classroom and the area so you guys can get a visual understanding of it all.


  1. YES! Bring back Tom...we want to see Tom!

  2. If all goes well I will be picking up Tom next weekend. Couldn't do it this weekend due to so much stuff and my friend was busy too. I miss the little guy!

  3. Ahhhhhh!
    Can't wait to see the bigger version...


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