Monday, March 14, 2011

White Day Surprise

The last time JH brought home a box it was full of three kittens. Today when JH brought me a box there was a cake inside. I think he is finally putting two-and-two together. Really, though I think I whined enough about not getting a white day present or any kind of present for my birthday that it finally impacted him.

As I was cleaning out some school supply boxes JH brought me the sweetest and most darling of cakes.
I was charmed by his surprise and promised him to never complain again about not getting cakes or presents around special times.

Tom update:
He is doing well here in his new home. One of his interesting habits is finding things and hoarding them under my bed. My friend who was taking care of him warned me about this. To avoid him taking the sponge from the sink I put it in a container and left the lid partially open. So far I am only missing the drain stopper for the bathtub, which I hope to find since I like taking baths.

He also enjoys sitting on my drying rack in the balcony area. Since I recently washed a blanket this made it easy for him to get up there. But after taking it down it made things a lot more risky. So tonight I rigged it up so he can get up there safely, and sorry no picture. For now just one of him on the blanket version.

My Tom is a very inquisitive and curious cat, but also a bit dependent. He is sitting on my lap now sleeping, and when he is not likes to meander around the house meowing for me to play with him. I love you Tom, but I kind of can be too busy for you.

**Anyways, I hope other couples out there got something nice for White day.**


  1. good thing he didn't split the difference between the two gifts, and give you a cat cake.

  2. You are so lucky! 부러워요! Seriously, cute cake and cat.

  3. WOW! That's way more than "just a cake"'s incredibly beautiful & I'm sure rather tasty too?!!!!! Please tell us about what was under the frosting??!
    I just knew that Tom would like the porch room the best. Set it up so he can look out the window & get fresh air. Perhaps place some things around the apt. that he can take to his hiding spot (an xtra sponge for him, etc...!!).
    I hope you figure out how to take him to play outside in the park, etc.... They can get kinda stir crazy cooped up indoors!


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