Monday, March 7, 2011

My Art on Display

If you haven't noticed already I have a little picture link on the side of my blog for the art group ArtPoli. It is an amazing group, mostly made up of Korean artists but has been slowly incorporating non-Korean ones lately. Somehow, through the magic of networking, I managed to know the right person to get into this group.
I really have been enjoying this group as I get to browse through really great work and also make commentary on it. Another wonderful aspect is that I get to put up my artworks for all to see, which is featured on my own page.

Recently, I got an email from the group but it was all in Korean. Thanks to Google translator I figured out that they are having an exhibition and my works are in it! Wow, my first participation in an exhibition here in Seoul.

Here is the info in Korean:
  • 전시기간: 3월 3일 - 3월 31일
  • 전시장소: 서울특별시 중구 남대문로5가 827 LG 유플러스 본사 사옥 1층 카페(남산 올라가는 길에 있습니다^)
  • 방문가능한시간: 월-금, 오전7시 - 오후8시
첫번째 전시의 호응에 이어^^ 두번째로 맞는  디지털 전시 입니다. 지난 2월 한달간 아트폴리에서 활발했던 작가와 인기작품입니다. 축하드립니다:)
음료와 빵도 맛있습니다. 한번 들르셔도 좋을것 같습니다^^
앞으로도 내가 좋아하는 작품이 많은 사람들에게 전시되게끔, 내 작품이 전시될수있게끔 작품에 관심과 활동도 많이 부탁드리겠습니다^^

The Translation: (Using a translator)
  • Time of duration: March 3rd - March 31st
  • * Time of  place: In Seoul Metropolitan Government Joong Gu South Gate 5 827 LG type positive head office company building 1 storied cafes (Namsan ^ where there is by route which ascends) 
  • * Visit time available: Month - the gold, in the morning 7:00 - in the afternoon 8:00 After response of first time time of war is a digital time of war which hits with ^^ second times. 
Last February one months between is an author who is active from the art pulley and a popular work. Congratulation gives:) Also the beverage and the bread are delicious. Once dropping in at and appear ^^ to be being good Will be exhibited in the people where the work which I like in future is many, the within work could be exhibited and in the work making put out interest and activity ^^ where entrusting will give plentifully

For those with actual translation skills please help me out here with figuring out the "where" and "when" so my readers can get over there.
My work is the one in the middle there of a tree with the sunset behind it. I think my other works are featured in mini-pics below this one.

I feel like I can't give up on my artwork and that I must keep making more! Can I squeeze it into my goals of exercising and practicing Korean, though? hmmm


  1. Congrats! As far as the directions go, you have the street address (중구 남대문로5가 827) at the LG 유플러스 building. Typing that into Naver reveals a clearer set of directions:

    Seoul Station (line 1 or 4), exit 11. Take the road that curves left, then walk about 300 meters to the U-PLUS building. It's in the 1st floor cafe (1층 카페), and it's open from 7am to 8pm.

  2. Do you think it is open on Sat or Sun?

  3. I love how 월-금 translates as month-gold. That's Monday-Friday for those who can't read hanja ^^. (month/moon is 월 (월요일 moon day) and gold is 금 (금요일 gold day)). 전시 is exhibition (and also time of war) so if you replace time of war with exhibition it will also make a bit more sense..


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