Saturday, March 5, 2011

New E2 Visa Health Check and Done on a Saturday

It turns out that because the new E2 health checks require the testing for marijuana usage that certain hospitals can't do the check anymore. This was the case for me as a local hospital in my area declined several teachers from my school.

As you know I opted to get the test done on a Saturday and that left me with the big hospitals in Seoul. All in can say is that, yes you can get it done on a Saturday and I recommend you going to the International Health Clinic at Yonsei Severance Hospital near Sinchon and Ehwha.

  • Bring your passport.
  • Bring two photo id pics (just in case...I didn't hand them in)
  • Don't eat for the blood test. (On the phone they said I didn't have to, but I just didn't eat anyways.) (There is a great food court on the same floor as the International Clinic, that has a Kraze burger of all you can grab some grub afterwards)
  • If you are a woman don't show up if you are on your period, as it can alter the results of the pee test. 
  • Expect to pay 140,000 Won, which is not cheap!
  • Show up at 9:30am to be the first in line. Otherwise you will have to sit around and wait your turn. I believe the office will run till 12pm on Saturdays. 
  • Obviously come in a healthy state. 
  • Another point is to just not tell them you have a certain medical condition or that you are on certain medicine. You want to pass the test and not complicate things. I actually goofed up on this since Yonsei is the hospital I visit for my GI disease, but they said it was okay.
Test Procedure:
  • I think a lot of people are kind of worried about how they will do the Cannabis test. Apparently it was just as simple as peeing. But you have to divide your pee in to two containers. 
  • First they check your vitals, weight and eyesight. Then you sit in with a doctor and she asks about your medical condition.
  • Then the doc has you change into a hospital gown, where you then get a chest examination along with testing your bowels area.
  • Afterwards, you go do your blood test, peeing and chest xray. 
  • Tada ... all done. They didn't check my teeth this time...thank God!
  • The results should be finished in about 4 - 5 days and they will give you a slip of paper for when you should return to pick it up. (Which you can do on a Saturday as well.)
Keep in mind schools tend to take their teachers to some hospital for their health check, but mine makes us go by our selves. In this case, you likely have to miss work to get to a local hospital in time. I didn't want to miss work and so that is why I did it on a Saturday.  Also know that if you live near a major hospital they will likely perform a health check during weekdays, and you can get it done faster if you made an appointment.

What a day!


  1. This reminded me of a funny story I heard from a co-worker of mine. One of the managers (who's English is just good enough for the basics) took her to the clinic for her blood test. She told him something to the effect of "Ok, I've got to pee now. Tell them that I want to do the pee test.". But, for some strange reason, he brought her over to the blood testing area and she was kind of upset. She was telling of us this story of the strange manager months after the fact. Then, I mentioned that "피" pronounced "pee" is the word for blood in Korean so it's not surprising that he was confused...

    So, moral of the story. When going to the hospital with a Korean co-worker who may not have 100% command of the English language... don't use the word "pee"... ^^

  2. well....glad that's over, eh?!
    And how's your cough doing? All gone by way of the great Korean medicine?
    AND...why were u relieved they didn't check your teeth?
    Please the money conversion rate again for us forgetful ones! you can have a nice relaxing Sunday!
    AND where's TOM?!

  3. Cough is 98% gone. :) I just don't think it is necessary to check one's teeth for a job health check.

    Tom is at my friend's house with his brother cat.

  4. Great....whatever the Korean Dr. gave u seems to have really worked! What was it?
    Yes..I remembered where Tom was staying, what I meant, until I read comments to a previous post was really "when is Tom coming home to his Mama Joy"!
    G. nite!

  5. Well I know he gave me antiobiotics but the other stuff is unknown. haha

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