Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tom Returns

He's bigger and more sweet than ever! My Tom has returned back to me after three months. I picked him up today in the late morning and he left peacefully. He was living with his brother, Kaiju and I was worried the separation would be hard. When we took him away he seemed to be okay, but mostly had a little hard time in the car.

At first he was nervous but managed to explore the car and then take a nap on our laps. When we brought him home I let him roam around and get use to his new home. He spent a lot of time meandering and meowing here and there. I let him know where his food bowl was and litter box. Since then I played with him and gave him a comfy place to sleep.
Glad to have you back sweety! Hope you don't miss your brother too much~


  1. :)
    Thanx Joy...He's certainly not a little kitty anymore! I'm glad to see him back. Did he explore the porch area?

  2. I'm sure he'll be fine - it looks like he's moved up in the world (that's a pretty sweet scratching post!).

  3. I am glad he is ok and he sure has grown up.


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