Monday, June 7, 2010

This Summer's First Pat Bing Su!

팥(Pat) = Sweet red beans
빙수 (Bing Su) = Shaved ice
Put those together and you get Pat Bing Su, one of the best things I look forward to in Korean summers. Sure you got your blasting cold air on the subway train or the lack of blasting cold air in the classrooms. Nothing beats eating an icy-sweet dish after a hot day. 

Last Friday I ate dinner with my coworker (foreigner) and afterwards I took her to get some Pat Bing Su, since she never had it before. Photos courtesy her phone.
 Pat Bing Su can come in many varieties and (personally) I feel that you can't eat the same kind twice. Some places add ice-cream while others don't. You can find yourself surprised when amongst the kiwis and strawberries are cherry tomatoes. My favorite toppings, however, are the gummy type candies. This particular Pat Bing Su pictured here does not have it. So hopefully as the summer pushes on I will end up eating one with those gummies and can show you.

You can make your own Pat Bing Su by purchasing the ingredients and ice-crusher at the store. 

Anyways, if you can get it I would definitely try one of these!


  1. Patbingsu is the best part of summer here!

  2. YUM!
    Can you make these for us when you're here?!!

  3. Mom,
    I am not sure. Mostly just need the sweet red beans. I suppose I could take it with me on the plane haha. I know that you guys have those ice machines in the fridge that have a "shaved" option. Does Puja have that?

    Other ingredients are pretty straight forward.

    Do you know of an Asian market in your area? I will look it up.


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