Sunday, June 27, 2010

GEPIK Summer Plus Orientation: Part 3

Putting aside the lectures the best part of Orientation was meeting new people. Certainly I wasn't fond of everyone, for example the guy who creepily hit on me. But I came out of this event with a few great new friends who share similar thoughts with me.

This was achieved through the magic of Scrabble and probably coincidence. I knew there were people like me out here in Korea just didn't know when I would meet them.

Anyways, one of the highlights during Orientation was Dano Fan Painting. Before dinner I joined others in one of the lecture halls. There were several activities you had to sign up for. I sat down in the front where I was close to the presentation.
The instructor told us about Dano painting in Korean and translation was provided.
From our booklet I can tell you that "Dano means May 5th by lunar calendar." Meant for wishing for a full harvest. "Nowadays it is a fun holiday to eat some rice cakes in the rural area." It goes on to say that Kings use to have a custom to grant a fan named "Danoseon" to his men who were wishing for a good summer.

This was explained to us along with the symbol of peonies, which were on the fan and meant for us to have a happy future. Then some examples were shown to us.
Paints, brushes and fans were handed out to us and we began painting. I tried to do mine in a water color style and found myself have a good time. It ended up being almost therapeutic by how relaxing it was to paint and focus on something other than how to be a great teacher.
After painting time we had our last dinner at Orientation and then took a break. The last activity for the night was a "Get to know your Coordinator," which was actually a big party. There were arranged fun activities to do, however, I was really tired and only caught about half of it before I jumped ship.

One of the funny things people did was charades on the stage.
I sneaked out and met my new friends to play Scrabble. Before we left, the next day, we had a little review and reflection session where we talked about the classes and Orientation itself. Phone numbers and emails were exchanged and then it was time for our bus ride home.

Tomorrow is Monday and of course I go back to work after missing out for three days last week. I know one of my coteachers, Mrs. K, was probably stressed out and tired without me. So I hope to remember to buy her something at the bakery on my way to work to say thank you. On Tuesday we have an open class for the teachers at our school and I know she will be starting to freak out about that. As for me I am fine with doing open class...haha.

Anyways, if you see yourself coming to Korea and heading to an Orientation take it with an open mind and try to make new friends.

I am going to leave all of you with this video montage I made of the Orientation.

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  1. What, no picture of your finished Dano fan?


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