Sunday, June 20, 2010

Souvenir Shopping in Insadong

My summer vacation is rapidly approaching. In the mix of my list of things to do before I leave (go to the dentist, find a sturdy suitcase) is to pick up souvenirs for my family back home. You know those little things that are emblems of Korea and look like they came from half-way around the world.

I knew the place to be was Insadong street in Jongno. This must have been my 5th or 6th time coming to this place but every time you go you see something fun.

Another special aspect of this day was that it was an impromptu Girls Day, since I met up with Lola O in Seoul and Seoul Searching.  They ran into two of their friends and it was a smorgasbord of girly fun.

They allowed me the pleasure of souvenir shopping while we teetered around from shop to shop. I won't reveal what I purchased, since my Mom reads this blog. But let's just say I found a few good treasures.

After treasure hunting we ate lunch at a familiar yet hidden spot in the area. Then we wondered on down to the Ssamzie artsy mall-walk area.
This area is known for its graffiti on the walls. (Mostly love notes and some funny stuff here and there.)
While taking these photos I became amused with my friend's shoes.
While we were waiting for something (souvenir secret) we looked down below and spotted caricature artists. We noticed two of them were foreigners and immediately we began to wonder whether this was their full time job or whether they go around traveling. I noted that since they all drew in similar styles that they must have been trained for the job. hmmm
While looking down I noticed that over to the side where the shop stalls are were a cute couple. Her (assumed) boyfriend was in military dress, while she made him wear a girly pink ring. You can see her trying to take a photo.
We moved on to make our way to the Anguk side of Insadong street where we planned on turning around and going back. But on our way we spotted a TV crew and people taking photos. Apparently there was a celebrity there talking to the cameras about something. From what we gathered he was a famous comedian or gag-man here. I tried taking shots myself but people kept on walking in front of me.
It was a swell day overall and really relaxing to talk and walk with gal pals. We hope to have a girls night someday. haha


  1. I had a lot of fun. Did you notice the cat like drawing under Gabi's shoes? It's like her two cats at home came out for the fun:)

  2. Nice fotos & shoes everyone!
    SO what's the surprise ???????

    It sure looks crowded over there...kinda like some sections of downtown Manhattan, huh?!

  3. Hi. You will have to find out the surprise when I get there. Actually that day wasn't as crowded as some parts in Seoul...haha

  4. hahaha i had to go back to the shoes pic to see the cats!! so funny!!! LOL! It was definitely a fun day!! i can't wait for the girls night!! ^^


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