Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dinner Nearby a Dam

After the KOFIC park we caught dinner at a popular restaurant nearby a dam. I believe it was the Paldang dam, but I am not sure.
Certainly, the view from the restaurant was impressive. People liked to walk on those tracks and take photos of each other.

The restaurant food was traditional Korean fair, such as samgyeupsal and pajeon. All of which was served in a hanok village style dining area.
As we waited for our meal we enjoyed a refreshing glass of Yujacha. This is a tea concoction made from the yuzu fruit. It tastes like a tangy sweet-and-sour lemon with bold flavor.
Up there is the pajeon, which is a Korean style pancake / pizza. I have tried making it at home but still haven't gotten it right. Below are the side dishes and then the samgyeupsal (pork).
Dinner tasted really good and very filling. Afterwards we ventured out of the restaurant and onto the train tracks to admire the scenery.
I'm told this place is famous for its sunsets, however, we didn't stay for it.
It was time to head on home and say goodbye to another weekend. I would highly recommend getting over to this area of Korea. It would be a great way to get out of the concrete jungle that is Seoul and relax for a bit. How to get there I am not sure but just look for Namyangju or Paldang Dam and I am sure something will come up.

Here is a picture of the restaurant sign to help those along.


  1. I love iced yujacha! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  2. How come he's carrying the pink purse? Is it yours or his?
    Dinner looked interesting 'cept for the pig meat!

  3. It is more of a red color than pink. And yes he carries it for me quite often. I suppose I should get a unisex purse to help on out on this.


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