Thursday, June 17, 2010

Japan Leftovers

You might remember that back in November I did a visa-run to Osaka Japan. There were some pictures during the last full day of my trip that I never put up. They are from when I visited the Chion-in temple in Kyoto.

After visiting the temple I wandered down to Gion street, which is famous for being a Geisha district, and got a bite to eat.

I remember that as I was walking back to the city there was a narrow street that looked interesting. Indeed it was, for there were old style buildings with what looked like really good traditional restaurants.
The figurines in the window display case were interesting.
Looking back I recall that the season was Fall and certainly I enjoyed the foliage.
I finally made my way to the commercial streets and started looking for a cheap yet interesting place to eat. 
As I walked down the street there was a young girl standing near the store fronts passing out fliers and speaking Japanese. I took one and looked at it and there looked like something good to eat. So I pointed to it and asked, "Where?" The next thing I knew she was leading me down a narrow alley and took me inside a very quaint and small restaurant.

It sure was a gem! The restaurant was busy and from the looks of it with local people, so I knew this place was good. I sat down and ordered a Tempura vegetable set. I was served tea and I took in the restaurant. 
In front of me was the kitchen with the staff busily cooking. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the tempura, probably because it was so darn delicious and I was really hungry. Oh how I wish I could easy step into this place again.
Afterwards I did a little souvineer shopping and went back to the hotel. I wonder if I will get out to Japan again or with my next-next vacation time explore China or somewhere else. 

Ahh...who knows... ;)

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