Thursday, June 3, 2010


Flowers of all kinds have been popping up lately in my neighborhood. This is torture because I love to paint flowers. Whenever I pass them by and not pluck them up I feel so guilty. But today I finally did take some home.
I made a little study set-up of it and here is what I produced:
I don't know guys... Yes it looks all right, but still I feel I can't nail the technical skills of watercolor painting. Maybe I am still thinking like an oil painter. But actually I should give myself some credit here. Typically for a long time I would paint very light layers and never with bold color, so this definitely shows improvement.

I have another project I am working on but am shy to publish it since it includes personal imagery. haha..hmm


  1. The flowers real & painted are lovely!
    Go for it w/color Joy.
    You have a great watercolor style.
    Your work demonstrates understanding of the medium.
    Don't doubt yourself - just paint!xxx ooo


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