Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Going to Orientation

GEPIK Orientation for seasoned teachers is tomorrow. I got the word I am going today. Yep...last minute.

Ah well. I resisted going but in the end couldn't get out of it.  I look forward to meeting new people and maybe learning something. Or I guess sharing my own ideas with others.

And of course I hope to report back on it..so look forward to that.


  1. "Orientation" ???

    Why are you going to an orientation when you're not a newbie and aren't starting a new contract?

    Is it just stupid wording? Should say "workshop"?

  2. This was orientation for "advanced" teachers. 2+ years...or first time with GEPIK but in Korea for a year or so.

    Supposedly is different from normal Orientation.

  3. How come I never got ivited - oh wait I handed in my nbotice on Monday!

  4. Stafford ~ that's too bad...would of liked to see you there...


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