Saturday, June 5, 2010

KOFIC Film Park

Sometimes JH likes to pick me up and take me to some place new without really telling me where we are going. Usually by the time we are about 10 minutes from wherever it is he has his in mind I get the full information. This particular occasion happened last Sunday when I was resting from my walk at Everland. The next thing I knew I was in his car going west along the Han river where there is a dam and beautful lush green mountains in the background.

Here are some maps to get an idea of the location...
Our destination was the KOFIC Namyangju Studios in Yangsu-ri. I was told this is where they shot many dramas and movies. We parked and walked around the complex admiring the sets.
First we looked at the set for the movie "Joint Security Area" where parts of the film were shot at the "border house" near the DMZ. But really it was on a set here in this film park.
It is called the Panmunjeom Set meant to resemble the same structures at the Panmanjeom village.
The blue structures are the mock conference rooms with the mock "freedom house", I believe. Recently due to the Cheonan disaster the real JSA area is closed for tourists. I suppose one could come to this park to get a feel for it but really it doesn't express the political tensions.

For one there are cardboard soldiers that you can stand behind and pose with. I admit it was fun to take part in this and watch others enjoy themselves, but I couldn't help but feel a little at odds with the whole thing.
Have you ever seen the movie Planet BBoy? There is a scene where they dance at the "DMZ", which when you first look at it makes you think, "No, that can't be real." After coming here I figured out how they did it. Just slapped some fresh paint on the "line" and had a ball.

We moved on and took in the Outdoor sets of Traditional villages.
Walking through this set made me feel like I was within the Japanese movie Rashomon.  These were the sets of "The Duelist", which was meant to be a traditional market place and red-light district.
Moving along we walked up a hill to the set of "Strokes of Fire".
We headed back downhill towards an underground museum of Korean film making, or as the brochure calls it, "Affiliation Center for Movie." 
I swear there is a "D" at the end of that. Going inside things become dimmer and much cooler.
There were many rooms and galleries where you could do hands on movie-making stuff or just look at sets and movie memorabilia. The first room we went into was a "Blue-screen" type activity room, where you could play in front of a blue-screen where an image was pasted into it.
Here we pretended to dangle off a cliff. 
We moved on to more rooms...
Old movie posters~
A courtroom set for the for those law movies. I believe this was a real set as you could obviously see the walls were movable and a camera track was set up above.

That brings us to the end of my tour of the KOFIC studios. Like I said earlier I was super tired on this day and was starting to run out of steam. We rested on a bench outside and then moved on for dinner. I will post the lovely dinner and river pictures later on.


  1. This is in Yangsuri? I go there all the time to visit the boyfriend's grandmother.... how come I've never heard of this??? I wana go! :-)

  2. The brochure says Yangsu-ri...but maybe somewhere in that area. Yea it looked pretty hidden...had to drive through a winding mountain road..too.


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