Saturday, June 19, 2010

Feeling of Korea

Today I was up in Seoul for reasons which I will blog about later. But while I was there I couldn't help but feel something captivating about Korea.

Maybe it was the Ahjumma (older woman) shopkeeper who treated me with care and searched within her stock for the right size. Then on the way out the store said, "so beautiful."

Maybe it was the street scene of concrete and tall buildings. Even though at first it was daunting now it seems like Korea wouldn't make sense without it.

Maybe it is how every time I ride the bus down the same path into and out of Seoul I see something newly built or torn down. While riding the bus the feeling of other passengers quietly and patiently riding along till they get to their stop, brings a sense of tenderness to me. Maybe it is those red plastic buttons on the bus that light up when someone needs to get off.

This is a feeling that Korea has become someplace familiar to me. During my first year in Korea I found it so hard to accept the unfamiliar. I was so thirsty and eager to find familiar sights, like houses or Whole Foods stores here. Of course, I knew I was on the other side of the world and what they got here is what they got.

Seeing the trees as I pass by them at high speeds on the bus go from stick-brown in the winter to bright-green in the summer leaves me feeling satisfied.

There have probably been too many days where I have felt contempt towards Korea and its people. Finding their faults and letting it hit me personally.

However, the days that I truly enjoy living in Korea are the ones where I feel at peace with their differences. The days where I almost feel a sense of security knowing that they and their landscape is different. Without which I might just live too much of a boring life.

Somehow these feelings hit me today. ...

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