Saturday, June 12, 2010

Korean Fever

It is World Cup time and never in my life have I ever been in such contact with people so devoted to their soccer (football) team.

They are so devoted that there are thousands in Seoul gathered to cheer the team on in the rain. The TV has been flooded with Pro-Korea commercials and songs, like these:

Tonight they are playing against Greece and already winning. JH is here at the seat of the couch rooting for Korea. I happen to have a little Korean flag and every time something good happens he shouts the chant and waves the flag.

It sure is exciting and gives me something to talk about with the coteachers at work. 

Go Korea~!


  1. A long time reader. I suggest you and JH go to one of those WC rally for the next game. The experience is out of this world. Nothing even close to it in the USA.


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