Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Went to Everland

Last Saturday, without planning it, I ended up at Everland. I went with my friend and her two sons. This was my first time to Everland. There are several theme parks here in Korea and they really do pack a punch. I have been to Seoul land, but Everland is a heck of a lot bigger.
I was magically able to get in at half-price due to my friend's discount card. (Thankyou!) Samsung owns Everland and they seem to have put a lot into it. However, it is a world of its own when compared to Disney Land or Universal Studios back home. Still it has your basic theme park set up. There are trinkets and toys to buy at every corner. The park is laid out in themes with a special gift shop for each area. The place even has a zoo, which we went to first.
First we came upon these monkeys, which were being fed by other people. There was of course a sign that said don't feed them, but signs don't really stop people.
We went down this zigzag course making our way towards a parrot area.
I enjoyed seeing the parrots and it felt like I hadn't seen such creatures in a long time. It reminded me of one time when I was a little girl that I went to a parrot zoo down in Florida. You really forget how big they are and loud.
Up there is a species of Cockatoo.
Unfortunately, a lot of the birds were missing feathers in their mid-section, which I assume is due to stress.
Most of the other types of birds were having a late-afternoon nap. 
Certainly shows how much they have gotten use to zoo life if they can sleep through a train of people walking through their home.
We moved on and found ourselves at the marine-life animal area. Polar bears, sea lions...those sorts of beasts.
This area was marked with the potent scent of caramelized popcorn wafting through the air. That poor polar bear up there was pacing back and forth.
Something amusing~
Going downhill we made our way around some tigers and then down some more hills to an area with rides. 
We chose to go on the river-raft ride since the line seemed very short (just 40 minute wait).
In line in front of us were a group of boy scouts from Daejon. About 25 minutes into the wait one of them was finally dared to say hello to us. Immediately after the exchange they became embarrassed and pretended we weren't there. Cute little fellows (I guessed they were 5th grade).
We went on the ride, which was a lot of fun, except that a big wave went over my head and I got soaked. 
After the ride they did have fans and even heaters to help the soaked ones dry up. However one young lady was hogging the dryer, while her Oppa (older man nickname) stood by. I didn't stand a chance getting dry with that thing. Moving along we walked up a hill where a "Candy & Gummi" store was and I said let's go in. After wards I waited with one of the kids in the petting zoo. The chicks were really cute.
 We then came upon the back part of the park or maybe the middle part...hmm. Here there was a large space with gardens and some-sort of Euro-looking village. There were some restaurants along the way, too. But my friend had a certain place she knew in mind to eat at.
As we walked through the fairway section of the park the sun was getting lower in the sky.
We had our dinner then made our way out of the park, which was starting to light up for the night.
Everland has a lot to do and explore. We were lucky and got there on a day when there wasn't a huge crowd. Sure there were a lot of people there but not by Korean standards (usually hoards). As the night time magic was lit up it sure made the pain throbbing in my feat feel lighter. I think I would go back to Everland but to experience the nighttime aspect of it a bit more.
It was fun and was especially great to walk around the park talking with my friend about Korean life.
Now here is a perfect way to end this post, with a picture of the bathroom near the parking lot. enjoy~

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