Thursday, June 10, 2010

Peace through Art?

Something new popped up on the walls at school recently. They are works of art from the students depicting peaceful imagery between North and South Korea. I found this to be a relief considering there has been depiction of other types of school-art out there (here in Korea) that depicts less friendliness.

These of course are the selected paintings from the whole school. I suppose I should have asked but I am not sure what the art project was completely about. I can only assume it had something to do with peace and hope.
The one above has clear imagery referring to the Cheonan incident. I think it is great that students are allowed to think about the current political climate they live in and how to accept it or deal with it. Yet I also wondered what would North Korean children draw if given a similar assignment. Of course I will never know, however, I can assume it would lean towards propaganda.
As one got further down the stairwell the grades got lower and so the imagery became more simple and rudimentary.
The above one there is from 3rd grade and is quite creative and interesting I do have to say. For one he or she pretty much nailed the typical Korean freeway that usually goes straight through mountains. He has a lot of taeguks (Korean symbol) all over the place. Goodness he/she even remembered street lamps for the freeway.
Certainly would be nice if the dreams of these children, as depicted in their artworks would come true. However, I am just glad to see this kind of thought being taught in public schools here and hope it grows a nation of peace-minding people.

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  1. WoW!
    These are fantastic.
    Art is such a universal language!
    These pieces clearly demonstrate that.
    Thanx for posting them Joy.


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