Saturday, January 16, 2010

Movie Review: Treeless Mountain

Although the movie, Treeless Mountain, came out in 2009 it stands as a great movie to watch today. It's one of those films that are slow, quiet and thoughtful. If you are planning on having a personal movie night with a film that will touch your heart than this is the one for you. However, if you are inclined for action or drama than this movie might want to wait till you want a break from all that.

Throughout the movie there are far-off shots with a sort of panoramic view of the city landscape. With every change of scenery the director uses these shots to add contemplation to the film. These shots are necessary because one watches as too little girls become abandoned by their mother.

It is a film that has the power to possess the spirit of life in oneself. You can't help but feel sorry for these two sisters who you know have no way of breaking through their fate.

I highly recommend this movie, because it shows the struggle of life and also the point at which one accepts their fate.

I'll leave you with the trailer~


  1. This showed in New York this past spring and it was so refreshing to watch a non-action, non-violent, more real , drama. I can't wait until the Korean film scene churns out some more like this one.


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