Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Korea Road Trip: Part 6

As you may recall we left Gyeongju on our way to Busan. A place known for it's ports, beaches and hillsides.

This was my first time going to Busan so I was excited. I wanted to see what the place had to offer as far as being modern, accommodating and fun. I know Busan is one of the major cities teachers end up living in so it meant a lot to me to see for myself what it is like there.

On the drive over we passed rolling hills with large apartment buildings tucked in between the valleys. Smaller buildings were stacked up along the hillsides and the image looked a lot similar to San Francisco.

We arrived at Haeundae Beach, a famous spot well known amongst Koreans especially for the movie that came out last year.

At this point I have now been to all seasides in Korea; east, west and south. And spent a night at all of them too.

Since I grew up on the sunny and sandy beaches of South Florida going to the beach during the cold of winter seemed like a natural oxymoron. I can't take off my shoes and clothes and run into the water crashing my body into the waves. I guess if I wanted that image this winter I should have visited Thailand. haha

The sun was setting and we needed to find a place to stay. This proved difficult since it was New Year's Eve and the few Pensions were booked. Our next option were love hotels and they were available accept at extraordinary high prices.

We ended up in a really cheap one with the bonus being that it was across the street from the beach.

It sat nearby the Gwangalli Beach which allows you to view the Gwangan bridge in the distance. After checking in we went out for dinner and a little New Year's Cheer. Here is a view of that bridge at night. ~

2010 First Sunrise:
JH woke up around sunrise and sneaked out of the hotel, leaving me to keep on sleeping. He left early because he wanted to see the first sunrise of 2010 come up over the water. This act of gathering to see the first sunrise of a new year is a tradition in Korea (and likely other places). I would have joined him but I guess he assumed I didn't want to wake up. Thankfully he took my camera with him and documented it.



I think he was still getting use to my camera and playing with the settings and that's why they turned out so dark (as seen above.)

I uploaded the video he took on youtube which is still processing...so hopefully it will work soon.

Well he came back and we finally got up for the day and checked out of the hotel. After eating a little breakfast at Dunkin Donuts we went onto the beach.

There you have it folks. Don't worry we did go and see something special before leaving Busan. So stay tuned for the final post on my Road Trip around Korea. Sigh... I wish I could be back on that beach with JH by my side...treasuring the moment a bit longer.

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  1. Wow.. While I was looking this blog, I could remember at the time. And Now I am waiting for your final episode of this trevel.
    When will you write about Taejongdae on your blog? haha


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