Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Funny Guys

If you live around these parts (Korea) and happen to turn on your TV and get channels then you will likely know who I am talking about when I mention the Funny Guys.

They are a troop of men who go on "missions" that are seemingly silly and random.

I am talking about Infinite Challenge or 무한도전. source

They all have their own charisma and charm.  Starring from left to right, Jeong Hyeong-don, Jeong Jun-ha, Jun JinYu Jae-seok, Park Myeong-su, and Roh Hong-cheol.

The show has been on a while and some cast members have come on and off the show. What you see up there are the current guys.

To get a taste of their work check out this video of their parody they did of Girls Generation "Gee Gee" song. Sorry no subtitles

After watching that you are maybe thinking that, wow Korean guys dress as girls and pretend to be girly....isn't that a little homosexual? Well I think not since that kind of lifestyle doesn't make up all homosexuals. But let's just say in Korean culture, mostly in the media, if a guy dresses up as a girl it is meant as a gag...something funny...not really something meant for social discourse.

I love this show!

Sometimes when I am completely tied up in knots trying to understand Korean culture I see this show and it makes me laugh. Half the time I don't even understand what they are saying. Heck! I even watch it often with the mute button on. But just seeing them take on difficult and sometimes really silly tasks makes me crack up.

Also they have helped me see the more humane funny side of Korean people. When I watch them I feel like I am being able to see what makes Korean folks laugh or tick.

In addition, it makes for a great conversation with Korean colleagues and students. First I tell them I like watching the show. Then I tell them that my favorite is the crazy guy with blonde hair or 노홍철

If you watch the show you can see that he is a very outgoing and creative guy. Amongst the group he talks a lot and tends to be the more wild of the bunch. Also you gotta love his brevity at sporting blond hair. I like him because he stays away from what I would say is a typical Korean guy. 

Well I thought I would introduce these guys so that perhaps you can find yourself having a laugh with Korean folks here.

I am going to leave you with this group's recent trip to New York City. Enjoy!

And you have to watch this one!!! so funny


  1. Also you gotta love his brevity at sporting blond hair.

    Could you please explain what this means. It's not making any sense to me. Thanks.

  2. dear daughter Joy has her own way of using the English language! I'm always on her about it, as she's supposed to be setting an example of an English speaker in her Korean school job!
    Lord help us if her students are picking up on Joy's unique way of expressing herself in her native tongue!
    ;-)Gottal love her!

    Now for the corrections:
    Joy, brevity means : shortness of duration; especially : shortness or conciseness of expression

    Did you mean his bravery?!

    Also...what did u mean by you " humbly 'exposed'" your journey through the museum? Did you mean that you humbly "shared" your experience and descriptions of that experience. Exposed doesn't suit that thought.

    I enjoyed your tour thru the museum very much. What year(s) were the artifacts from in the beginning of your tour (gold jewelry, the beautiful glass objects, etc...)?
    They really impressed me!

  3. He is brave for having blonde hair... bad grammar again and again and again

  4. OMG, I have to side with Joy on this one, lol. English is not set in stone or else we’d all still be palavering like Shakespeare was charge of the idiom. It is constantly evolving and it will change more so as the biggest group of English speakers/users ends up being of Chinese origin very soon (they might be already), and they use it to communicate with all brevity possible. Dropping articles, commas, and substituting like meaning words is common place in second languages as learners/speakers are straddling different cultures and countries. I know I commonly use lenga instead of idioma when speaking in Spanish when referring to the language itself, much to the chagrin of my Spanish teachers/professors/Mexican relatives. Anyway, academic types seem to forget that it is human nature to take shortcuts and speed through most things in life as it is, incl. speaking. We already use them via contractions and pronouns.

    In class (most of the time), I use the correct terminology and grammar in class, but it also helps me relate better with my young charges by playing some of their “Gossip Girl” games. Old fogeys are dinosaurs as it is in the eyes today’s youngsters, and keeping up the latest in all trends (language, media, fashion, technology, etc.) is something that teachers that aren’t phoning it in are doing.

    Here’s a good look at the future of English:
    The best known English teacher in China (Li Yang) is right in his approach when it comes to teaching a second language. In order to give people confidence very quickly, simplifying English (or any language) for common people works best. And it seems that those who want to learn Mandarin in the U.S. and Europe the “Crazy English” way, won’t have too long to wait:

  5. Hi! I found your blog through a roundabout way and wasn't planning on commenting, I have to respond to John from Daejeon:

    I think it's perfectly fine to help newcomers to any language build confidence by praising their elementary language skills - I actually do the same with my 14 month old daughter. However, I also think it's extremely important to teach the correct definitions of terms, and proper grammar usage (which I'm guessing you agree with, since you teach the correct terminology and grammar). Even in common speech, or online blogging, it's important to recognize the value of proper vocabulary and grammar. Yes, languages evolve constantly, but the change isn't overnight; and just because they are changing doesn't mean it's for the better. Improper terminology and grammar create confusion, and not all popular trends are necessarily "good" for society.

    Also, having studied Chinese for a brief period, I feel the need to mention that their grammar is much simpler than English's complex system. However, that doesn't mean Chinese students of English shouldn't take the time and energy to learn our language properly, just as somebody learning Chinese should make the effort to pronounce tones correctly and use the correct vocabulary.

  6. Suzy,

    u r correct, but twitter/facebook/texting/e-mail are changing the language quicker than what our teachers back in the old brick and mortar days ever thought was possible. It is extremely evident in today's business writing as businesses stuggle to re-educate their employees' poor writing and grammar skills, but no one can hold back the tide of change.

    As someone who has taught inner city kids, you have to pick which battles to fight. I would rather they all write anything at all, even if it means my consulting the "Urban dictionary" as opposed to too many of them writing nothing at all when asked to do a proper report. --I was trained/certified as a first grade teacher, but thrust into teaching high school English due to the shortage of males able to deal with some of the more troublesome classes in my district.

    Not everyone is meant to be an English Lit. major in life, it's just too bad that the educational system doens't account for this and offer trades/skills classes at an earlier level. I'd bet a lot fewer kids would fall through the cracks then, if they knew that there are alternatives to normal schooling.


    j from d

    p.s. I know my comments are usually not the most polished, but that is because I'm always multitasking at the same time. That's technolgy, and the future, for ya.

  7. this has started quit the discussion. After dinner I think I will try to also take in what everyone is saying and give a response. But playing with the 4th graders today has me beat.

  8. Great comments you guys about learning, teaching and using the English language.

    With blogging I write something then check over it once for errors than I submit it. If I took more time to revise what I write I am sure it would come out more sharp. My Mom can agree that throughout my life my English skills have been kind off what they should be. In college I wrote great papers and made good grades but still got comments about my awkward grammar and word choice.

    In the classroom I speak a much more simplified and slower way of talking. Also I am getting better at representing the language. By helping other students with their pronunciation and explaining grammar rules.

    As far as how language is changing due to technology that is fascinating. I just hope that it doesn't become too mangled in the process.


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