Sunday, January 10, 2010

Art + Dinner

Despite that I completely feel at loss on how to blog I am going to do it anyways.

I had the last two weeks off for my winter vacation. As you know I spent one week on a road trip with my boyfriend. For the remaining week I ended up relaxing in my home and getting more into my artwork. I figured if I set up a space to do my art in and start to work on a few projects that I will build up some good habits.

I decided upon making my dining table into my art table. Since I really won't be using it till I eat I figured the rest of the time that it could be used for art.

Since my last semester in college I have been using watercolors as my medium, which is a lot harder than you think. Anyways, I am still getting the technique down and exploring how to use it. My hope is that when I get home after work, eat and clean up dinner that there will be enough time left to do some painting. This reflects upon how I didn't really make a true New Year's Eve resolution this year. Instead I just told myself to do the things I want to do more and to do the things I shouldn't or don't want to do less.

In addition to painting during my vacation I put together a few home cooked meals. I don't know what other expats make and eat for dinner at home but I would like to think that they are being just as inventive. Finding the matching ingredients at the store is fun and knowing you are going to make a home cooked dinner is exciting.

Here is a look at some of the meals I have cooked:

I tried making shrimp pasta one night.
Melting butter in a stir in the shrimp..
Seasoned with salt and herbs...
Result: It was all right but could of used more garlic flavor.
Another night I made baked and breaded chicken. Here is the set up to prep the chicken. Olive oil with garlic in one bowl and in another bread crumbs with Parmesan cheese, basil, salt and Italian seasonings.
The bread crumbs I found to use which are meant for Donkatsu.

The result: With some baked potatoes and some salad it was a really great meal. I cooked the chicken in my toaster oven for 40 minutes.

There you have it folks a blog about art and dinner. ;)

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