Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jenny's Bread Hongdae

Tucked in a side street and inside a renovated garage / basement sits what is probably the best sandwich and bread restaurant in all of Seoul. It is called Jenny's Bread which is a sister restaurant of Jenny's Cafe, both of which are situated in the trendy area of Hongdae, Seoul.

Last Sunday JH and I met up with Gabi from Seoul Searching for lunch. I have heard from Roboseyo of the goodness of this place and so knew it was time to check it out. He was kind enough to send me a scan of the their map.

To get to Jenny's Bread I would recommend starting out at the entrance to the Hongik University. This is where the street with the Dos Tacos comes to an end where you are facing the uni. Turn Left going away from the usual right turn where more clubs, restaurants and that park is. Walk up the street on the "right" side. You keep going and you want to spot the Imsil Cheese Pizza joint. Before this is a side street that you want to take. Meaning make a right.

This is the area where you going to make that right onto the side street. It is an uphill climb so this should be a good sign you found it.

Some graffiti that was seen going uphill.

Go up the hill a little and soon you will see another side street on the left. Take that turn. The next picture shows us looking down the next side street where tucked in the brick wall, on the right, is Jenny's Bread.

 Walking in from the cold air I was greeted with the warmth of ovens baking fresh bread. The aroma of bread baking was enough to almost knock this westerner down. The place was also cozily decorated with a home-like atmosphere.

As for the food it was amazing! Thoughtful and very well prepared I can tell you that the price matches the quality and taste. I ordered a proscuito sandwich with the soup of the day. They got everything right. Meaning my sandwich didn't have any odd ball ingredients such as peanut butter with jalapenos.

The bread was seasoned with olive oil and inside was real mozzeralla cheese. I savored every bite and was grateful to know a place like this exists and cares about quality sandwiches.

The soup was also very delightful. I wasn't sure of the ingredients but we speculated it was a squash soup. It has been a long time, it seems that I can remember having a soup that both warmed me up and delighted my senses.

JH didn't seem too impressed with the taste of the soup and thought it to be strange. But he was hungry and ate it all anyways. Do you see those croutons in there? My goodness how they added a lovely extra texture, mostly because they were slightly dipped in olive oil first so that when you took a bite there was a smooth warm oil feeling in your mouth. Hmmm I don't know how to describe this~! haha

Let's just say I will look forward to my next visit to Jenny's Bread and would like to visit their cafe as well. I hope you go too and help keep their business alive.

More graffiti seen in Hongdae~


  1. Could there be a more perfectly timed post? I love Jenny's bread, and I make a habit of buying up all their ciabatta whenever I vist. As I work just around the corner from there on wednesdays I was planning a visit tomorrow, but was worried I would get there too late, but the Roboseyo map (also the place I first heard of it) shows they open until 10:30pm. Awesome!

  2. Wow, that place sounds pretty awesome! I shall have to check it out sometime if I end up in Seoul.

  3. Looks delicious... but kind of a hike to find, eh?

  4. No it was really easy to get to :)


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