Monday, January 11, 2010


Went back to work today and taught a team of twenty 4th graders (I have them all week!). I could tell they were balls of energy awaiting to explode. So I got into a game of Fruits Basket with them. Let me tell you that was one heck of a workout!

I also had a meaningful and calm conversation with my coteacher about her perceived Teaching style. It made sense to me, in the end. Basically she stated that the kids need to learn English part by part instead of having it thrown at them at one time. I told her I want to strive for that and find ways to teach in that manner. I apologized that the stuff I planned for winter camp wasn't in this style, stating that I didn't really have enough time or knew quit well what she wanted. All in all we came to an understanding without any cat fighting going on. haha

I really want to get up those last posts about my road trip but for today I am so tired I just need to chill out. Hope you don't mind.~

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