Sunday, January 3, 2010

Amy's Organic Frozen Foods at Emart

I decided to take a stroll down the river outside my house this afternoon. It leads to Emart, and I said "What the heck, I need a USB stick."

After getting the USB stick I went to the food section with the intent on buying some shrimp. (I want to make some shrimp scampi liguini pasta) I walked into the very large "Organic" section, thinking "Eh, what could they have?"

There behind a glass door to my amazement were Amy's Brand Organic frozen foods. My heart skipped a beat at the sight and I nearly shouted, "Oh, My God!!". I quickly opened the door and grabbed a box of each without even caring about the price.

Later I was to discover the above pizza was 16,000 Won...haha...well just this one time and on occasion.

These products, to me, are really a taste of home. Living in Northern California you grow up with "Organic" everything. The new Organic section at Emart is starting to look a lot more promising now that I found these babies.

I was worried that they would not stock them enough in the future. So I went over to an Emart employee and in broken Korean said, "". With a huge grin and smile to reassure them. I think she got the message and said something to reassure me.

So check your local Emart's Organic section a little closer, who knows what you might find. If not then head down to my Emart here in Suji, which is just across from Jukjeon station.


  1. My Emart in Mia has carried Amy's products for at least the past 16 months... but I never bought them because it was *so* expensive. My mouth watered a little every time I walked by, though.

  2. 16,000 won = ? (guessing around $20)??


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