Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mosaic Cafe

I couldn't consciously leave that last post up here alone. It felt like it was going to keep a sad note on my blog. Also I think I need to get the feeling of that moment off my mind. All I keep wondering is if that guy is ok or whether he is at peace with the world.

Before all that happened I went to the Mosaic Cafe near Jeongja station.  They advertise themselves as being an English Cafe with many fun things to do and good food to eat.  I decided to check them out and see what the place was about.

To get there you get out of Exit 4 from Jeongja station (Bundang line) and keep walking up the main street. When you see the Woori bank you know you are at the right building. The cafe is on the 4th or F floor.

I was a bit lost at first so I walked around the building till I found a sign, which was on this billboard.

I went in and found that I was the only customer, because I think it was probably just a slow day for it being a Wednesday afternoon. Anyways there were some regular folks there who I am not sure were the owners or helpers. But they talked to me and told me about the place and how they recently renovated it.

The place was pretty big and very cozy. It also had a really great view.

The place has a private room where a large group can use it for special occasions. Also I joined their Facebook group and it turns out the cafe has Open Mic Nights and art gatherings.

I kind of also scoped this place out because I am considering starting a 2S2 for Bundang / Yongin. But I wanted to see what would be a great place to meet at and also find out what the locals like to do (besides gather at the bars).

This looks like it would be a great gathering spot for folks interested in the 2S2 meet up. Now I just gotta figure out what we would do and if anyone would actually come.

While I contemplated all this I enjoyed a BLT bagel sandwich with hot Ceylon tea. Yum!

So if you live out in this area have you ever been to this cafe? Would you be interested in starting a 2S2 gathering out here? If so what would you like to do / share? lemme know ~


  1. Looks like a cool place...but if we're serious about a "healthier" diet no go on the white bagel...always try for a whole grain variety!

  2. Mom keep in mind that the concept of a whole grain diet is moot here. I wasn't given a choice on the bagel. They just said it was a bagel sandwich.

  3. Although i am buying non-white bread at the store. As for what it is made out of I can't tell.


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