Thursday, January 14, 2010

2S2 January Wrap Up

2S2 (2nd Saturday at 2pm Community Meet Up) was a Smash Hit!

First you had the option of joining up with the Seoul Eats crowd for Tteok Mandu guk. As we ate some good food and got to know each other it was fun to be around enthusiastic folks. We met up first outside Anguk station exit 1 and waited for the group to gather.

Afterward we followed Dan Gray to the Koong Restaurant which is tucked in one of the alleys in Insadong.


I only got Mandu tteok (rice cakes). It was fairly good where as the broth was tasty and the mandu were well seasoned. I also enjoyed the chopped up scallions inside the soup.

It was time to go and so we all got up and pitched in some money for the bill and headed out the door.

We followed Dan around some more as he looked for the Hotteok street vendor. I got one (like a donut) and it was a great warm winter treat.

Then it was nearing 2pm so we headed to the Twosome Cafe near Anguk station to meet up with the 2S2 crowd. Some of the folks from the Seoul Eats crowd were interested in this group so they came along to check it out.

With more than 10 showing up we took over the far corner of the cafe. After introductions we followed with the book exchange. I was surprised how many books showed up, courtesy of Chris's girlfriend.

I took home a short story compilation book that I have been reading and enjoying very much.
Soon enough people started schmoozing and getting to know one another. A training session of GoStop was started with some folks.

Then we decided to get up and go somewhere else. Rob knew of a spiced wine place in Samcheondong, but when we got there the place had turned into a purse shop. The shock on Rob's face was hiliarious. As was the sight of all of us staring at the purse shop and laughing at it.

We trucked on and ended up at a traditional tea house called In Ooo In.

On the way though we spotted a few distractions.

There were some ice sculptures on display leading to an ice sculpture museum.

It was a bit chilly so we moved on to the tea cafe. Inside we warmed up and talked about many things revolving around life in Korea.

On the left is Yuzu tea, which is very delicious and on the right is jujube tea which was not very delicious. Guess which one I had?

This is buckwheat tea which is.....delicious!

Again it was time to take off. Some of us were ready to head home or to other venues, while others were hungry. For those hungry ones we headed over to a SoonDubu (tofu) place that was also conveniently nearby.

And then as all things have a beginning this 2S2 meetup finally met its end. I needed to find the bus back to my neck of the woods so I said my thankyous and goodbyes and took off.

It is my hope that those who attended this session of 2S2 will come out to more. Also I still hope to start one in my area someday. Finally if any of you want to contact 2S2 with suggestions or questions go to the blog, allright.


  1. Wow looks like a good time was had by all. I'm going to do my darnedest to make it to the next one. Who knew buckwheat tea was delish?

  2. Nice day....must be quite cold for all the ice sculptures to stay frozen!
    Nice time please have someone take a shot w/u in it....ok?!

  3. HAha yes mum~ Check out the Seoul Outs blog I linked to in this post. There is a shot of me in it ;)


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