Friday, September 12, 2008

Follow Up

So I thought I would just follow up with an update about my previous post.

For one I haven't heard it from my supervisors (yet...?). Also the coworker seems not as upset now but we are not really speaking to each other. I guess that means another dropped out of the possibility of being friendly with me. But the job goes on and I must continue with it seeing as it does bring in an income and experience.

In other news I have been working on retrieving my documents for when I plan on switching schools. One of which is a Criminal Background Check, which is tricky to get if you live in Korea. This is so because you have to get it from your home country. So to do this I need to send the FBI some documents one of which is a fingerprint card. I have the fingerprint card but would like a professional finger printer to put my fingerprints on it, so I don't end up wasting my time. I heard that this can be achieved by visiting a major police station in my area. So hopefully it will work. BK and I are going to go to one next week during my vacation.

Speaking of which, Korea is going to have its Chuseok holiday! This gives me Monday and Tuesday off. Since BK will have to go to a mountain and do his yearly rituals I will be without him for 2 days of this vacation. So I am up for a lone trek to a museum or just do a little shopping...who knows. But not having to work sounds lovely.

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  1. Hey Joy it's Kristen. You can email me from my profile page and I'll email you back. Sunday I planned on going into Seoul if I'm not too sick if you still wanted to meet up? I'll probably get there around 12pm. I usually go to Gangnam Station and then plan my moves from there. Any place you want to go in particular?


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