Friday, September 26, 2008


The meeting with my supervisors was postponed.

As soon as I noticed my head supervisor running around the office like a crazed chicken, I knew it may have meant our meeting wasn't going to happen.

So I went up to my head supervisor and asked her if we were going to meet. She said It turned out she was very busy with paperwork and calling people at the head office that she didn't have time for me. That we would have to speak next week.

Now, you could imagine my feeling. I hadn't slept well last night because I was so darn anxious for our meeting today. Also next week (on Tuesday) is my birthday and I wanted to have this shit cleared up before then so to feel a sense of relief.

But as we pass through life not all that passes by us is sweet and generous.

Because I didn't want to wait till next week, I got a few words in anyways:

ME: "I wanted to let you know that I don't want to wait till the end of Jan. or Feb., that I would rather leave sooner than later. Say end of Oct or Nov."

Head Supervisor: "Oh, really?"

ME: "Yes. Since you want me to go sooner I agree with you and don't mind going at the end of Oct. or Nov."

HS: "Ahh, okay...I will tell our hiring manager then that is what you want."

ME: "Yes, please. And I am really stressed out because I don't know my exact end date right now."

HS: "When we find the new person we are able to let you know. Until we find new teacher we don't know."

ME: "Okay. I would still like to meet with you about this issue, can we meet next week?"

HS: "Why?"

ME: "Because, there are still some things about this process I need to talk about."

HS: "Oh, really? Like what?"

ME: "I thought you wanted me sign some kind of agreement?"

HS: "Ah yes, well we need to wait till we have a new teacher."

ME: "I see, I understand, you want to make sure you have someone to replace me before I sign anything?"

HS: "Yes. So on Monday I will talk to the hiring manager, but I have to go to a meeting Monday so we can't meet. We could meet on your birthday after you are done or on Wednesday."

ME: "Okay, I will let you know Monday what works best."

Ah conversations with the boss, a favorite past time (sarcasm).

Anyways, why the heck she didn't get her butt into gear and contact the hiring manager this week, is unknown. Maybe she was too darn busy. Or perhaps she thought I would stick it out longer.

It is no easy task knowing I have to wait longer till I am sitting in a room again with her and talking more about the details.

I really want to secure with her that I will receive a letter of release. But she said last week she can give this to me.

All that I can conclude right now is that she knows I don't want to stay there very long. That I am willing to work with her on this and be patient. And that we will meet next week.

All in all, they said they would give me 30 days and October is approaching fast. So either they give me the 30 days at the start of the Oct. session or I am thinking if not they would have more into November. AH HELL!!! So ambiguous. I think it will become my duty to inquire more often with these people for sanity sake.

But for serenity sake:

I still have a roof over my head (that is free) and at least one more paycheck. And ramyeon in my belly~


  1. Just so you know...this MAY have changed, but a letter of release has NEVER been a requirement of immi. It's a faux requirement of a new job. As long as your visa is CANCELED, you are clear to get another job.

    Now, some hogwons don't want to cancel their fired teacher's visa because they want to keep that person stuck, basically, and unable to teach in Korea. But it's been the case that hogwons are limited in the number of visas they can have, so it's not in their best interest to do that.

    If worse absolutely comes to worse, I managed to cancel my own visa at the airport, and oddly enough, I already had a new visa number. It doesn't work for everyone, but it worked for me.

    (Basically, the woman--and I use that term loosely--who got me evicted refused to talk to me, release me from the visa, etc. I ended up getting a public school appt WHILE STILL UNDER HER VISA and then went to the airport, handed in my ARC, sweetly said "please cancel my visa," went to Japan, and came back the next day with a new visa.)

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Hmm I was wondering too what all this hype is about the letter of release considering the visa gets cancelled anyways.

    I work for a hogwon that is owned by a large company here so I think they will follow protocol.

    I think what is best is that I ask them about the procedures they will take when I am let go ...last day..etc. They know I am not thinking of going back home but finding other employment.

    Thanks for the heads up!


  3. Hi Joy, Sounds like they could drag this on forever and ever. Personally, them finding a new teacher is their problem, not yours. Why are they making you wait for any confirmed arrangement till then? You are a patient person I know, but don't let them drag it out forever. You're going to have to nag at them to get what you need. cyn

  4. Hi,
    I think I've got the same impression and I am already on the path at getting it straight with them.

    I am patient but also nervous as heck! haha~ I will be pushy.

    anyways I should call you today..wonder if you are awake yet ;)


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